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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

If you are trying to lose weight or are simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then regular exercise is a key ingredient in their recipe of goal achievement. However, many of us are struggling with lives that are increasingly busy and, consequently, we see our free time diminish as our responsibilities increase. This is bad news for people who want to exercise, especially because the best time of day for a work out is between 4 and 6 pm. Great. Right after work and right before dinner—probably the time of day when we have the least amount of energy!

Of course, exercise practices are subject to much debate among nutritionists and researchers and as with nearly everything else in life, not all agree with each other regarding how to design the optimal exercise program. However, most experts generally agree that the late afternoon/early evening is the best time to exercise because

  • Our strength levels are greatest in the afternoon and this helps our endurance. We can exercise longer, harder and push our bodies more than we can any other time of day.
  • Due to increased strength, we are less likely to injure ourselves while exercising. Many people injure themselves when exercising in the morning or late at night, but mid-day strength keeps us from getting hurt as often.
  • Our body is in balance hormonally and our body temperature is at its highest. We are thus feeling our best and mindset is an important part of exercise.

The problem with the late afternoon vis a vis exercise is that it is a time of day when we are least likely to exercise or be able to exercise. Researchers have also concluded that people who have a fitness program that they do in the mornings are the most likely to be consistent and keep up with their work outs. However, in the morning our body is at its weakest and most vulnerable , so its looks like we have run into a bit of a conundrum here.

The truth is, while it would be great to exercise at the right time of day, it is more important that you exercise at all. If the only way you can keep your work-out routine regular is by going for a 5 am jog, then go for 5 am jogs.  Don’t stop yourself from exercising just because you can’t get on the treadmill at 5 pm everyday. One strategy that you can use to get the best of both worlds is to try and walk as much as you can between workouts and maybe commit to going on a walk before or after dinner (if weather permits). You may not have the strength for a full-on work-out at the end of each workday, but if you can incorporate movement in some capacity, you will take advantage of your body’s optimal late afternoon condition. Whatever you do, get active—your body needs it!

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The Dangers Of Fructose Sweeteners

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Many people have a sweet tooth, but a good rule of thumb with food is that the sweeter it tastes, the less likely it is to be good for you. In the 1970’s the food industry, especially the U.S. industry, began using high fructose corn syrup as a substitute for raw sugar as a sweetener. Fructose makes sweets tastes sweeter and is easier and cheaper to produce with such an overabundance of corn. However, researcher have now determined that fructose is worse for you than sugar and lead to higher obesity rates, according to a 2010 study conducted at Princeton University.  Let’s take a close look at what fructose is and how it works and then discuss how it harms you and how you can avoid it.

Fructose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide) that the body can use as energy and that sweetens the taste of food products. Fructose is found in small doses in fruits and vegetables and consuming the little amount that is found in nature is not a bad thing at all; it is when fructose is consumed in high intensity volumes that it overwhelms the body’s ability to process it. This is because fructose is processed in the liver and the liver cannot handle high volumes of it. When fructose cannot be properly processed, it becomes fats and triglycerides that contribute to the blockages and weight gain that lead to obesity and cardiovascular problems.

So how do you avoid the dangers of high doses of fructose? You have to be a smart sweet eater. Avoid candies, juices, and sodas that are sweetened with fructose and pick products sweetened with cane sugar or even better stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener made from herbs and does not have the same harmful effects as fructose or even cane sugar.  Indulging yourself in sugary treats is something that you shouldn’t be doing on a regular basis, and if you are one of those people with a major sweet tooth than you should try your best to satisfy your cravings with fruits. However, nobody is perfect and nobody should be forced to live as a dessert ascetic, so counterbalance your need for the occasional sweet with healthy food and exercise.

The dangers of fructose provide a small scale example of what we are finding out today on the meta level after a few hundred years of industrialization: trying to mimic and falsify nature only leads to major problems and long-term damage, whether to our bodies or the environment. What nature gave is enough to sustain us in a healthy way, and tampering with nature often leads to catastrophic results. Nature gave us fructose naturally, but messing with it and increasing its volume to make money and satisfy our cravings does not lead to health. Make the healthy choices you need to keep your body functioning optimally and cut out artificial fructose sweeteners today.

Avoiding The Weight Pitfalls Of Smoking Cessation

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If you are a smoker or you know a smoker, then you know that when it comes to quitting smokers always have an excuse, a reason for why they just aren’t quite ready to give up tobacco. One of the most common excuses smokers use to avoid putting out that last cigarette is weight gain. Many smokers claim that smoking helps them keep their weight in check and they fear that if they quit, they will, to put it bluntly, get fat. If we look beyond the appalling fact that many tobacco users laud smoking as a health benefit in terms of weight control, we are forced to confront the reality that smoking actually is a weight deterrent, as paradoxical and unhealthy as it may sound. According to, smoking cessation causes the average person to gain between 4-10 pounds or roughly 2 to 5 kilos. Since smoking is an appetite deterrent and nicotine raises the rate of our metabolism, giving up tobacco means that the metabolism slows down while the desire to eat increases. Hence, the weight gain.

Even though smokers tend to gain weight after they quit, this does not mean that they will permanently be on the road to obesity. Within six months, those who have quit smoking are usually back to their normal weight. If you are a smoker and are worried about your weight, and use this as a crutch to keep lighting up, here are some ways to help yourself get healthy and keep your weight in balance:

  • Exercise: it is never too late to get yourself moving and grooving and in shape. Make walking, running, bicycling or any other physical activity a regular part of your life and reap the benefits of a healthier, fitter body.
  • Eat right: Your diet will determine your weight. If you eat right and cut our excess sugar, junk and other gunk you will find that you feel better mentally, physically, and you will be able to find the weight that is right for your body and makes you happy.
  • Set realistic expectations: If you are worried about gaining weight if you quit smoking, then realistically assess the state of your body. How was your body before you started smoking? What is your weight now? If you never had Heidi Klum’s body in the first place, then don’t act like the few excess pounds gained after smoking cessation will ruin chances at being a super model. You are in control of your weight and you have the power to make yourself healthy, but don’t compare yourself to perfection—smoking cessation should be about creating optimal health for your uniqueness as an individual.

The cold, hard truth is that smoking cessation usually causes weight gain, but the good news is that you have the power to create the body and weight you want, without the positive or negative influence of tobacco. This starts with exercise, a healthy diet, and realistic expectations about what is right and achievable for your body. Stop making excuses and take control of your body today—quit smoking!

Manage Your Weight With Hypnosis

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There are many strategies that people employ to lose weight, some effective and other just false fads (think crash diets). The truth behind weight loss is that it is about forming and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits-there is not magic way to lose weight, it is a matter of discipline and effort. One way you can find assistance in developing healthy eating and exercise habits that will contribute to your ability to manage your weight is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not like the Frankenstein trances you see in the movies-it is an effective method of cognitively teaching yourself good habits and learning to control your impulses. Let’s take a closer look at how hypnotherapy can help you manage your weight.

Obesity and overeating are major problems in the Western world. The fast pace of life and the easy, cheap access to junk food and fast food put people at a high risk for developing unhealthy eating habits. While many people like to blame their weight problems on a bad metabolism or other external causes, barring a genuine thyroid dysfunction, most weight problems being internally-they being with an inability to make and maintain healthy choices. This is where hypnotherapy can come in and be effective in helping you manage your weight. A hypnotherapist will lead you through guided instructions while you are in a highly receptive and intuitive state in order to help you train your subconscious to make healthier decisions and better choices related to exercise and diet. Once you have internalized the instructions/suggestions for health and wellness from your hypnotherapist, you will have an easier time building and maintaining good habits. Thus, hypnotherapy is all about acknowledging that you are the driver of your mind and the controller of your actions-only you can make the choice to be healthy and implement that choice and hypnotherapy helps you to realize this fact.

Weight management is a crucial component of living an enjoyable life. It is not about achieving the perfect body or the Hollywood standards-it is about finding a weight that is comfortable for you and will help you avoid the health risks associated with obesity such as heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. Managing your weight is about leading a healthy lifestyle, not achieving perfection. If you feel that you are struggling to keep your weight under control, take the time to research more about hypnotherapy. It will help you take control of your actions and feel like you have the power to shape your own weight destiny.

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Get Rid of the Bloats Today!

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All of us have been bloated at one point or another in our lives, and it is definitely not a pleasant feeling. You are taken over by sluggishness, pressure, discomfort, and maybe even the sense that you are swelling up like a human balloon. There are various medical conditions that lead to chronic bloating, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s disease and lactose intolerance, but many people swell up because of a much more controllable problem: overeating. In order to understand how overeating affects bloating, we must first understand how it works and then identify strategies to get rid of your case of the bloats!

When you feel bloated you will feel a fullness and heaviness in your abdomen. It can also be accompanied by sharp pains and stomach cramps. These symptoms are caused when food is not being properly digested by the body, which is often a sign that the body is not hydrated enough: hydration supports that body’s main functions, including digestion. These symptoms can be caused by a medical condition, like those stated above, but they can also be caused by a build-up of excess fat that blocks the body’s ability to digest food and empty the stomach because fat cells are developing that block these processes. Engaging in eating habits that are full of fatty, sugary, starchy foods contribute to this process, and overeating and overindulging on junk food leads directly to it. If you are experiencing chronic bloating and it is not due to a medical condition, you might want to pinpoint your diet as the culprit. If you are suffering from chronic bloating, here are some ways to attenuate your symptoms while you build up better eating habits:

  • Exercise! If you are feeling bloated then nothing helps more than physical activity. Take a walk, stretch, go for a jog-anything to keep your body in motion. You should be doing this regularly anyway, but the bloats give you a good incentive to make exercise a habit.
  • Hydrate! Get that water flowing through your body! Dehydration leads to severe bloating so your body needs lots of water to fight the bloats. Most people do not drink the 8 glasses of water their body needs a day, so challenge yourself to stay properly hydrated.
  • Lemon squeeze! The bloats can be mitigated by sipping on a glass of diluted lemon juice-or straight lemon juice for the brave. Lemon is an alkalizing citrus that will help your body steady its salt levels, detox toxins, and squeeze out the bloats.

Nobody likes coming down with a bad case of the bloats, but the good news is you don’t have to if you know how to manage your eating habits by avoiding overeating. Nobody is perfect and nobody will eat perfectly, so if you do find yourself swelling up after a particularly heavy meal, use the tips above to get rid of the bloats and back to feeling like your perky, healthy, self.

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