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Congratulations on taking that big step towards becoming a non smoker. To secure your $20 voucher you have two options:

1. Complete the form below and a Gift Pack including the $20 coupon will be posted to you. This coupon can be used towards your quit in 60 minutes session, or

2. Book your appointment and use the Promotion Code QS-20 to receive $20 off the cost of your session.

P.S. I will never sell or give your information to anyone. You have my word on it.

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Maureen, You worked your wonders on me on the 16th of January 2013 for smoking and guess what? I haven’t had a smoke or even felt like one! It is truly amazing after smoking for over 30 years I am no longer a slave to the smokes. I feel better (although I was a bit grumpy for a week or so) but that has passed, I can breathe better and my cough has gone. But food tastes so much better so I am trying to watch what I eat. I do get a craving every now and then and it goes as quick as it come…
Giovanni (John) Castellana