3 Steps to Quit Smoking Holistically

Want to get rid of cigarettes but are scared of the harmful side effect? What if I tell you that you can quit smoking holistically? Yes, you heard it right. You can stop smoking naturally with low to negligible side affect. You won half the battle when you decide that you want to live a smoke-free and healthy life. Now it’s time to take some action to reach your goal.

There are methods and help you can use for smoke cessation. One of the most popular ways is Nicotine Replacement Therapy. Although NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy is one of the effective ways of Quitting but, it’s not completely safe. Nicotine gums and patches are used as an over-the-counter smoke cessation aid to control withdrawal symptoms and cravings. But, it comes with side effects such as vomiting, nausea, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, and more.

The good news is, you can stop smoking without using any of these chemicals. This blog will give you three simple steps and one way of Quitting smoking Holistically.

3-steps-to Quit Smoking Holistically

Quit Smoking Holistically 

Step 1: Understand the Root Cause

Ask yourself why you want to Stop Smoking is just a habit and we start the habit due to some reason. Understand your triggers and why you started smoking. According to cancer.org, most smokers started smoking at the age of 18 or before and the intention behind it was peer pressure and to cope up with stress. Some people start smoking to manage their weight and deal with anxiety. Once you know the root cause of your habit, you can now move on to the next question is what’s stopping you from not living a smoke-free life.

Sometimes confronting your demons can be pretty nasty and uncomfortable. But it’s very important to understand yourself better. It’s just the part of the diagnosis. If you are facing any issue in understanding yourself, then you can take the help of Hypnotherapy. Quit Smoking Hypnosis can help you to understand the root cause. A trained hypnotherapist can help you to re-train your thoughts and desire to set a new message. In this case, it will be that you don’t need cigarettes, you don’t like cigarettes and you’ll never smoke again!

Quit smoking hypnosis root cause

Quit Smoking Holistically 

Step 2: Fill the Space

After understanding the root cause you must remove the cause in order to reach your goal and this can lead to an empty space. You must fill this empty space with healthy and fulfilling habits. Activities that you really enjoy can help you to stay distracted from your withdrawal syndrome and cravings.

Don’t let your mind wander and go back to the demons. Remind yourself constantly why you want to quit and you deserve a better life. Combat your craving by filling your time with Exercise &  Yoga. Indulge in outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, sports and enjoy some time in the sun. Take care of your diet and eat more healthy home-cooked meals. Stay away from all the activities which can lead you to smoke such as attending night parties, alcohol, and coffee consumption.

Stop Smoking and start Living

Journaling and meditation can also be used as a tool to monitor your growth and motivate you to stick with your goal. Something that will give you confidence and strength. You can choose any activity to fill this space with. Any kind of exercise is a great idea because not only will it get you in shape, but it also helps detoxify your system, causing your nicotine withdrawals to be less severe and shorter in duration.

Physical activity to combat craving

Quit Smoking Holistically 

Step 3: Preparation before Stop Smoking

You cannot get away with the craving after you quit smoking but you can replace the cigarette craving with other healthy snacks. Go grocery shopping before you quit. Snack like veggies, nuts, and fruits. If you take some time out of your busy schedule and start preparing your own meal. You’ll see a significant decrease in your withdrawal syndrome. If you feel stressed then I’ll strongly recommend aromatherapy.

Buy some essential oils like lavender, sweet orange, and ylang-ylang oil to calm your senses. Put a few drops of these oils in an aroma diffuser and let the sweet smell relax your senses.

Talk to your friends and family that you are in a process of quitting smoking holistically. Friends and family play a major role in motivating us. To stop smoking you will need a strong support system and someone who can be your accountability partner. Join a Facebook support group where you share goals with people.

Stop smoking preperation

How to Stop Smoking? 

Hypnosis is considered to be one of the Holistic ways of stopping smoking with minimal or no side effects. I believe that smoking is a habit and it can be broken or replaced with a new and better habit. Hypnosis helps people to identify the cause of them depending on cigarettes and how they can overcome their bad habits to live a smoke-free life.

If you want to quit smoking and want to avail the health benefits of Quitting then you must consider Hypnosis. An expert Hypnotherapist can help you to overcome your obstacle in your quitting journey and to achieve your goals.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapist in Brisbane | Maureen Hamilton

Maureen Hamilton is a published author, speaker; hypnotherapist and assists people to remove bad habits such as smoking and eating. Maureen’s practice has evolved to assist people with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, addictions and so much more, utilizing her exceptional skills as a Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is an exceptional process allowing people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other emotional issues to achieve calm and peaceful lives.

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