5 Ways to Quit Smoking

5 Ways to Quit Smoking Hypnosis

5 Ways to Quit Smoking – Check the 5th way – Hypnosis

Making the decision to quit smoking is the first and most important step in quitting smoking. Some people can go cold turkey and not feel too many side effects.  This is often due to the fact they have made the conscious decision to stop smoking. However, most people feel extreme stress and sometimes anxiety when they try to quit.  This is due to the act that they are going against their unconscious mind to do something that has been doing it for so long. It is now a habit.

What are the 5 Ways to Quit smoking

1. Make a Plan and be Committed

Have you ever been on a holiday to say for example Fiji, made the decision and all of a sudden you were there. Now that doesn’t seem feasible does it. So planning is very important and is like most things. There needs to be a plan of how you are going to do it. Then there needs to be the date. This is usually followed by doing the research and finding out the best options.

2. How are you Going to Avoid those Cravings

Be prepared for the cravings and the discomfort of quitting. What can you do to avoid it? People often find that keeping themselves busy is a good start. Think about all the times you smoke eg, when you are bored, filling in time when you have nothing to do, after meals. So give some conscious thought about these times.

However the best way to do that is to make a list in one column of the times you smoke. Then in the right column list down what you can do instead. Keep adding to this list.

Start to affect change in your mind. Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself smoking and see how ridiculous it looks allowing a little white object to control you so strongly.

Another thing you can do is save all your butts in a jar and every now and then open it and smell it and see how repulsive it is.

3. Avoid Those Times or Places When You Smoke

Perhaps you are smoking more frequently when you are with certain people or places. If it is with certain people, let those people know what you are doing. They will understand you will not be seeing them for awhile.

If it is certain places, then possibly the best thing you can do is stay away for a few weeks until you are well on your way or more comfortable with being a non smoker

4. Stay Positive and Seek Help

Sometimes it is a good idea to share with people your goal to become a non smoker. However on the other hand it can also work against you as they persist on asking you how you are going. Sometimes that in itself can be extremely annoying and enough to make you want to give up. Of course All you need is for someone to sympathise with you and that in itself can be a trigger.

5. Hypnosis

Would you like to quit without worrying about the cravings and other effects mentioned above. Well now you can, with hypnosis. With just one easy 2 hour session you can walk in as a smoker and out as a non smoker. The only thing that is required of you is the “want”. Hypnosis will not work for people unless they have the desire to quit. They cannot quit for someone else, it must be for themselves. People often make the comment that it is like magic. So easy and relaxing.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me

If you are seeking help or experiencing the frustration of being a smoker, then reach out and make contact. The Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton says her greatest love is to see just one more person being taken from the crutches of the cigarette companies and being free of this killing habit. You are also given a Lifetime Guarantee. This means if you ever smoke again, you can come back for another session and there is no charge to you. Maureen can be contacted on 1300 619 684 or alternatively you can make your booking online and set your date to become a non smoker for life and in only one easy session.