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What is Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a trance-like state of deep relaxation in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist using verbal repetition and mental images. When you’re in a hypnotic state, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to suggestions.

Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviours and/or habits including smoking, weight challenges or to help you cope better with anxiety, depression and many other challenges. It’s important to know that although you’re more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don’t lose control over your behaviour.

Hypnosis – You are in Control

Suggestions may be taken to heart, but only if those suggestions are acceptable to the hypnotised person. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t be hypnotised into doing things against your will. You can’t be forced into a hypnotic state either. Instead, you allow yourself to be hypnotised. It is a voluntary altering of your own consciousness, and you are always in control. In other words, you are hypnotising yourself.

Today, hypnosis is recognised by the scientific community as an effective healing tool.

What is Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is not hypnotherapy. Instead, it operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone’s thoughts and behaviour.

Neuro refers to our nervous system, the brain or mind and how that interacts with the body

Linguistic are the words or language we use, and these can be verbal or non-verbal.

Programming refers to the habits or thoughts and these can quite often be unconscious that lead to habits – sometimes good and other times not so good. Discovering what these are can be a way for you to decide whether to keep that behaviour or change it. This allows you to have greater control over your life giving you the choice for changes you may like to make.

When can NLP be Applied

NLP can be applied to many areas including: –

  • changing unwanted habits, or
  • Educate and train to promote and improve learning and memory.
  • Personal development to remove unresourceful emotions and patterns while promoting confidence and self-esteem.
  • Business to enhance communication and negotiation skills.

The combination of Hypnosis and NLP provide a powerful way to quit smoking, lose weight and make changes that impact lives causing emotional problems including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD and so many more.

Hypnosis and NLP – Best Quit Smoking Alternative

The combination of Hypnosis and NLP is a very successful option for quitting smoking. Just one session to quit smoking

Are you willing to let smoking cigarettes continue to control YOUR LIFE? 

If not – Book your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

At the end of the session, you will be a non-smoker.

You won’t feel as though you are giving anything up, or having to cope with unpleasant withdrawals.

You will be satisfied and happy that you have now done what so many people only wish to do.

So what are you waiting for?

Start Now on Your journey to be a non-smoker

Book your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

So take control and call Maureen Hamilton – Hypnotherapist so you too can take control of your life. Maureen also offers a very successful Weight Loss Hypnosis programs if you are concerned about weight gain.


Quit Smoking Hypnosis Timeline

It can be a real challenge for people who smoke to make the decision to quit smoking. The habit is so powerful and people feel controlled by the cigarettes. They just want to quit!

Unfortunately this can be a challenge. Why? So often they have tried many methods to quit but they are still smoking as none of these worked. Alternatively they may have quit smoking but sadly they started smoking again. So what is the solution?

Quit Smoking Hypnosis is the Solution

While many methods to quit smoking take time, sometimes many months, the Quit Smoking Hypnosis is just one session. The comment people usually make is, “that was so relaxing. I really loved it.” In fact most people would like to stay in the chair and would actually prefer to stay in hypnosis.

Quit Smoking Timeline details how your body will benefit from Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking Timeline

Motivation to Quit Smoking

One of the great motivators for people to quit is their health. The chart above adds to this providing a timeline of how the health improves once they have quit smoking with hypnosis.

Preparation is Important with Quit Smoking Hypnosis

The idea of a silver bullet to quit smoking or instant success is more of a fallacy. This habit has been created in a person’s mind many years ago. Therefore, for many years since and with each cigarette they smoke, the habit has become more powerful. So preparation is the key to quitting smoking.

What is the Preparation Required when Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis?

The most important preparation is the decision to quit smoking. Now that doesn’t include being forced to quit smoking by a partner or loved one eg family. Take for example a client who says they want to quit. However when asked why she wants to quit, she turns to her partner sitting beside her and said, “If I don’t quit, he will leave me!” Firstly that is blackmail and most importantly the person is not giving up for themselves. They are giving it up for someone else. There is very little chance of success and even if they do succeed, their ability to sustain themselves as a non smoker is limited. What often happens is they will start smoking again and then they may feel like a failure as it didn’t work. This has a really negative impact on a person’s life. It makes them believe that it is impossible for them to quit smoking.

The Reasons and Benefits to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

The next step is writing down the reasons for quitting and the benefits. This is followed by when they smoke and what are they going to do during those periods or  times when they do smoke. The most common times when people smoke are first thing in the morning, after meals, driving, stressed, drinking alcohol, work breaks and boredom. So it is important to identify these times and any other times. Then think about what they are going to do instead of reaching for a cigarette.

Understanding and Experiencing Hypnosis

Here are Life Coach to Quit Smoking we provide two audios in preparation. The first one explains the process and is very informative. The second audio allows the person to experience hypnosis with a Stress Reduction and Relaxation audio. Both of these are very important and part of the preparation for the Quit Smoking Hypnosis.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me

If you are seeking help or experiencing the frustration of being a smoker, then reach out and make contact. The Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton says her greatest love is to see just one more person being taken from the crutches of the cigarette companies and being free of this killing habit. You are also given a Lifetime Guarantee. This means if you ever smoke again, you can come back for another session and there is no charge to you. Maureen can be contacted on 1300 619 684 or alternatively you can make your booking online and set your date to become a non smoker for life and in only one easy session.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quitting smoking can be such a challenge for many people. They may not have tried the quit smoking hypnosis.

They may have tried other methods and sometimes these work, quite successfully. Although some have had to make considerable sacrifices and gone through difficulties while using the product. Some experience nightmares, nausea and a number of other side effects.

Thankfully the quit smoking hypnosis works so well that people are non smokers at the end of just one session. The usual comment is that it was such a relaxing experience. Better still, they report back months, years later that they never felt like a cigarette again after their quit smoking hypnosis session.

Sadly though using other methods, many fall back into becoming a smoker again, maybe 1 week later and some many years later. The most important message is that smoking is a habit. We are all told and led to believe that smoking is an addiction. So why is so hard to quit smoking?

When do People Start Smoking?

Teens Smoking will need to Quit Smoking Hypnosis later

Teenagers Smoking Cigarettes will need to Quit Smoking Hypnosis in the future

This is a question we could ask ourselves, that is if we ever smoked. You may have started smoking in your teenage years. That is the time when we desire to be an adult. Of course it is often due to peer pressure or just experimenting. Teenagers often feel as though they are invincible and “smoking won’t hurt me!” and this is a frequent comment. Perhaps you can relate to this.

Of course you may have coughed and spluttered but eventually you decided you enjoyed it. The unconscious mind is there to keep us happy. So once it registers you enjoy smoking, it puts it in as a habit. Of course, the more you smoke, the stronger that habit becomes. So where is the habit stored? In the unconscious mind. This is why, when using quit smoking hypnosis, it is so successful. While you are in that relaxed state of hypnosis, I can talk to the unconscious mind and give it the message that you want to be a non smoker.

Is Smoking an Addiction or a Habit?

I had a conversation with a doctor a number of years ago regarding this message. He came in to do the quit smoking hypnosis too.

Dr Advising to use Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Dr and partner encouraging patient to quit smoking with hypnosis

However he was not convinced that it wasn’t an addiction. I went through and explained and reasoned why it cannot be an addiction.

Our conversation went like this – “No doubt doctor you have cared for many patients who have been addicted, perhaps it was drugs or perhaps alcohol. We both know that after a number of hours, they need a “fix”. So how is it that you came into my practice a smoker and two hours later you walk out a non-smoker, NO cravings. So how can this be an addiction?” His response was, “Hmmm ok”. He did walk out a very happy non-smoker.

The problem with nicotine is that it suppresses the emotions. So when trying to quit smoking, those old emotions of anger, sadness, guilt etc may emerge so the person may feel angry, sad or guilty etc. This is discussed during the quit smoking hypnosis session. Anyone who needs additional support due to any of these The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is a wonderful way to address any anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks and other emotional issues. A holistic approach is taken to all the therapies provided and especially Quit Smoking Hypnosis.

How Can I Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking Hypnosis and Now Non Smoker

Now a non smoker due to Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnosis is truly one of the best methods to become a non-smoker. In fact, I would have to say it is the best method. It is so relaxing, and everyone loves it.

So when you think it is going to be hard to quit smoking with hypnosis, because it is such a strong addiction, remember this story. Don’t wait until ill health creeps in. Take action now before it is too late.

Call 1300 619 684 and book your quit smoking hypnosis session today. You will feel such a relief knowing you are in control and will be a non smoker. Alternatively you might like to book online so you can choose your date and time. I look forward to seeing you and assisting you to become a non smoker at the end of your quit smoking hypnosis session.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Brisbane

Do you want to quit smoking? Call 1300 619 684

Note: We are still open for business

There are very few people today who really enjoy smoking and perhaps that is you. On the other hand you may be only enjoying a small number but find you are smoking more than you enjoy.

Since you are on this page then you may be a person who would like to stop smoking.

So here is the solution for you. Watch this video as it may be the most important message you will ever watch!

Are you ready to book your appointment online now?

Are you sick of trying to quit smoking by using other methods?

Kick the Smoking Habit!

You don’t have to struggle to quit cigarettes any more. – Just think in one easy relaxing session you could be a non smoker – NO cravings!

This Proven System of Quit Smoking Hypnosis:

Is completely safe

Is backed up with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

It is quick and very relaxing

  • There are no Cravings or side effects
  • You will be saving money
  • You health will improve so you can breathe easier
  • The smell will be gone and people won’t be holding back from kissing you
  • You will have more energy
  • The benefit you will be a non smoker and in only one easy session. The most important things you bring to the session is the WANT to quit
  • Because of the guarantee, if you ever smoke again you will be provided with a free follow up session.
  • You health is improving day bu day
  • The cough and/or breahtlessness is going away
  • Energy picks up in only 4-5 days so you can walk, run or even training for a marathon
  • There is more money in your pocket so you can spend it on a holiday, buy a car, pay off the mortgage sooner or just spend it on the family or yourself

Perhaps you are a person who loves audios, then listen to these two audios where the first one explains the process and the second one allows you to experience hypnosis.

Alternatively, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find these two audios.

Perhaps add the hypnosis audio to your phone so you can listen to it any time and make sure you are not driving a vehicle.

Go ahead and book your appointment online now!

Alternatively give Maureen a call now on 1300 619 684 and set a time for your quit smoking hypnosis session.

To find out more about the Quit Smoking Hypnosis, check out the rest of the information on this website such as the Testimonials.

Make the decision to become a non smoker today. Do it for yourself and your loved ones.

Scroll down to see the two audios – Information on the Process plus the Hypnosis for Relaxation and Stress Reduction.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Using a multi-pronged approach to weight loss is the feature of the success of Weight Loss Hypnosis Brisbane.

Why is Weight Loss Hypnosis so successful?

Hypnosis at Master Your Life Power is very successful as hypnosis is not the only therapy Maureen uses to help people take control of their weight. A multi approach is used including the following:-

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP

NLP is used to remove the cravings and desire for those unhealthy foods and drinks. People are often amazed at how effective this is. Rarely does this need to be done a second time as people just don’t feel like eating or drinking the food again.

Education and Awareness

Being well informed is important too so people have a clear understanding of the foods that will benefit them and those that are going to hold them back. A booklet is provided to aid them too.

An app that helps to guide people so they can keep an eye on the food they are eating and appreciate the foods that are doing them harm or holding them back.

Weight Loss Brisbane is very popular due to the incredible success being achieved by people eager to lose those extra kilos.

The life experience and knowledge

The therapist, Maureen Hamilton has extensive knowledge and experience in the health sector. Maureen has helped hundreds of people take control of their weight and their eating. In fact Maureen went through this process herself and has been in control of her weight for over 5 years. The emphasis is not on a diet but a lifestyle change.

Are you seeking help with your weight? 

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a very successful option especially when it is provided by a qualilfied and experienced therapist. Maureen Hamilton is at the top of the table when it comes to assisting people to lose weight and keep it off.

You can contact Maureen on 1300 619 684 or book online and begin your journey to lose weight and keep it off.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis and What to Expect After the Session

When it comes to quit smoking hypnosis, most smokers want to know: What will I feel like when the session is over.

Will I Still Have Cravings?

The answer is that there are no cravings with Quit Smoking Hypnosis. For most people, hypnosis will have the” I-was-never-a-smoker” effect. They don’t think about cigarettes and will go about their daily lives as if cigarettes do not exist. There are no cravings or withdrawals especially if they have followed directions prior to their session (see below).

Some people will have the occasional fleeting thought about cigarettes, but it will disappear as quickly as it came. The rest of the time they will feel great and have no cravings.

Some people have the potential to fall back into old associations, meaning that the things they used to associate smoking with—drinking coffee, socializing, stress etc.—may cause them to have thoughts about smoking on occasion. This is easily handled as long as the person remembers to just say no to those thoughts, drink water, breathe deeply and do something they enjoy as those thoughts will pass.

What Happens if I Start Smoking Again?

On very rare occasions, a person may struggle with smoking cravings and thoughts after their session—but this is usually because they didn’t really want to quit smoking in the first place.  The key to a successful quit smoking hypnosis session is truly wanting to be there and truly wanting to quit smoking. So people who are forced or cajoled into a quit smoking session with hypnosis—often by caring friends and loving family—tend not to have the best results until THEY make the decision to quit on their own. It was mentioned that it is extremely rare for this to happen as the therapist likes to talk to the person before their session to ensure there is a real WANT to stop smoking.

Following Directions

Another reason why people may struggle after their session is lack of preparation.  Information is sent out including the following:-

  • A two track audio – either on CD or online
  • A number of forms
    • Confidential Information
    • Reasons and  Benefits to becoming a non smoker
    • Triggers or any time they smoke
    • Ideas to Replace Cigarettes
    • Pre Session Action Plan
  • Confirmation Letter with instructions and the address. On this letter clients are asked to bring water and fruit and this is explained to them during their session.

So it is important the forms are filled in by them and not a member of the family. It is important to listen to the audio with the two tracks.

So if this isn’t completed then it is an indication people are not committed to the process.  They have to be responsible for their own lives because the hypnosis works however the clients has to also work with it.

What Guarantee do I Have?

Quit smoking hypnosis is so successful that Life Coach to Quit Smoking offers a Lifetime Guarantee to people so if they ever fall back into their old habit of smoking then they can come back for a free follow up session.

Note:  The reality is that when people really want to stop smoking they are non smokers at the end of their session.  It is only if they start smoking again that they need to come back.

The key to quit smoking hypnosis success, however, is truly wanting to quit smoking—truly wanting to make a change. Hypnosis is all about the power of the mind. If the person’s mind isn’t in the right place—that is, if their mind doesn’t agree with the idea of quitting smoking—then it will be difficult for them.

Remember: Change is something that has to come from within; change has to be something they truly want.  So if they really want to quit smoking, then quit smoking hypnosis will work for everyone. Some people say that for them, it was like magic. However it is the power of the subconscious mind and the WANT.

Are you ready to quit smoking and are ready to Book Your Appointment? Then go right ahead and once you have made that commitment you will already commence feeling the joy of making the decision.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Do you want to Quit Smoking with hypnosis?

Have you been trying for some time to stop smoking and heard about hypnosis?

If the answer is YES to these two questions, then call 1300 619 684  or contact Maureen and become a permanent non-smoker in one session. Because Maureen works with people to become non smokers, if a person does smoke again they will be able to come back without any further payment.

Start Now on Your journey to be a non-smoker

Book  your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

Maureen Hamilton has been assisting people to quit smoking with hypnosis and NLP for years and has seen hundreds of people.  Her commitment is seeing people become smoke free after watching her husband succumb to cancer and heart disease after many years of smoking.  He died when he was forty seven, much too young!  Maureen also smoked for many years and stopped after two attempts and therefore understands the difficulty people face when trying to stop smoking.

Maureen’s background enables her to understand what smoking does to people and why it is so hard to Quit Smoking without help. Maureen is a specialist using Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, to help people quit smoking in only one session.

Impact of smoking on kids

Quit smoking before it harms your kids!

With a 95.6% success record and a guarantee why wouldn’t you contact Maureen to Quit Smoking?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
  • Is your health being affected by smoking?
  • Is your family being affected by your smoking?
  • Why did you start smoking?
  • How much per year is smoking costing you?
  • Do you enjoy being controlled by smoking?

If any of these questions create a desire to QUIT Smoking, then don’t hesitate, the time to QUIT is right now.

Use this System to Quit Smoking Hypnosis – Easy

Book  your appointment or call 1300 619 684  and become a non smoker in one session with hypnosis and NLP (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

The reason we can offer our unique guarantee is because we have such a high success rate.

Why don’t People use Quit Cigarettes Hypnosis

Everyone knows smoking cigarettes is not good for them. Everyone knows they spend too much money on cigarettes.

  • Some people do not want to put on weight
  • Some people do not want to go through the withdrawal symptoms
  • Some people do not think that they have the willpower to quit cigarettes
  • Some people smoke cigarettes to relax and relieve stress
  • Some people are addicted to cigarettes

BUT the biggest reason of all is that smoking cigarettes is actually not under their control.

How many cigarettes a day do you actually enjoy? If you are like most smokers, maybe 4 or 5 smokes you actually enjoy. All the others you smoke almost unconsciously. Smoking cigarettes is usually done by your subconscious mind.

It is like driving. When you learnt to drive you had to consciously think about it. You focused on how to change gear, how and when to change up, or down. But when you get in the car to drive, do you even think about where the gears are; the lights? No!! You jump into the car, drive down the road, listening to the radio, talking on your phone, eating. You drive unconsciously.

When you started to smoke you did it consciously. But now it is a subconscious activity. Your subconscious mind does it automatically. Most people acknowledge that smoking is a habit.  When they have a cup of coffee, they automatically reach for a cigarette.  People often say they intend to stop and before they know it there is a cigarette in their hand. So it is a challenge stopping.

So unless we deal with the individual reasons of WHY you started smoking, why you continue to smoke, when you smoke and your motivation to stop smoking, you will not have any luck Quitting smoking long term.

Are you willing to let smoking cigarettes continue to control your life? 

If  not – Book  your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit smoking)

You will know and be proud of yourself at the end of the session as you will be a non-smoker with quit smoking hypnosis.

You won’t feel as if you are giving anything up, or having to cope with not having cigarettes.

You will be satisfied and happy that you have now done what so many people only wish to do.

So what are you waiting for?

Start Now on Your journey to be a non-smoker

Book  your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684

Hypnosis: How Does It Feel


The term hypnosis tends to conjure images of a magician on a stage or perhaps a patient lying on Freud’s couch. Indeed, there are a variety of stereotypes about hypnosis flying around, but do you really know what hypnosis is and how it feels? If not, it’s time for you to find out! [Read more…]

Quit Smoking through Self Hypnosis

Ambro /

Many quit smoking methods are for profit. That is, they want to hook smokers into a kind of dependency that engenders financial reward. Nicotine gum comes to mind here as do nicotine patches. The fact that the scientific community is starting to recognize that smoking is not a physical addiction but instead a psychosocial habit means that quit smoking enterprises cannot stay cash cows for long–willpower cannot be bought and sold. [Read more…]

Manage Your Weight With Hypnosis

Ambro /

There are many strategies that people employ to lose weight, some effective and other just false fads (think crash diets). The truth behind weight loss is that it is about forming and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits-there is not magic way to lose weight, it is a matter of discipline and effort. One way you can find assistance in developing healthy eating and exercise habits that will contribute to your ability to manage your weight is hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not like the Frankenstein trances you see in the movies-it is an effective method of cognitively teaching yourself good habits and learning to control your impulses. Let’s take a closer look at how hypnotherapy can help you manage your weight.

Obesity and overeating are major problems in the Western world. The fast pace of life and the easy, cheap access to junk food and fast food put people at a high risk for developing unhealthy eating habits. While many people like to blame their weight problems on a bad metabolism or other external causes, barring a genuine thyroid dysfunction, most weight problems being internally-they being with an inability to make and maintain healthy choices. This is where hypnotherapy can come in and be effective in helping you manage your weight. A hypnotherapist will lead you through guided instructions while you are in a highly receptive and intuitive state in order to help you train your subconscious to make healthier decisions and better choices related to exercise and diet. Once you have internalized the instructions/suggestions for health and wellness from your hypnotherapist, you will have an easier time building and maintaining good habits. Thus, hypnotherapy is all about acknowledging that you are the driver of your mind and the controller of your actions-only you can make the choice to be healthy and implement that choice and hypnotherapy helps you to realize this fact.

Weight management is a crucial component of living an enjoyable life. It is not about achieving the perfect body or the Hollywood standards-it is about finding a weight that is comfortable for you and will help you avoid the health risks associated with obesity such as heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. Managing your weight is about leading a healthy lifestyle, not achieving perfection. If you feel that you are struggling to keep your weight under control, take the time to research more about hypnotherapy. It will help you take control of your actions and feel like you have the power to shape your own weight destiny.

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