Cost Calculator

Figure out the True Cost of Your Smoking Habit.

If you made the decision to quit cigarettes today, just think how many extra thousands of dollars you could spend on the things that you really love. This doesn’t take into account the hidden costs of smoking such as medical appointments, dentists and so many other costs.

So If you are a smoker who wants to kick the habit for good, then make the decision to not only give you back your life but also your money! So go ahead and Book Your Appointment Now and become a non smoker for life!

Customer Testimonials

Hi Maureen,You worked your wonders on me on the 16th of January 2013 for smoking and guess what? I haven’t had a smoke or even felt like one! It is truly amazing after smoking for over 30 years I am no longer a slave to the smokes. I feel better (although I was a bit grumpy for a week or so) but that has passed, I can breathe better and my cough has gone. But food tastes so much better so I am trying to watch what I eat. I do get a craving every now and then and it goes as quick as it come… Read more
Giovanni (John) Castellana