Do it for the Kids! Smoking’s Impact on Children

Quitting Smoking is something you do, not only for yourself—you also do it for the people you love, particularly children.

Paul’s Story

Paul was a smoker and his daughter Alexis was the main reason for stopping as he knew it was affecting her health.  You see Alexis has asthma and Paul had been advised that smoking was harmful for children. He was very surprised and grateful to be a non smoker at the end of his Quit Smoking Hypnosis session.

You see when parents have a regular smoking habit, their children are negatively affected in a variety of ways including:

Depressed as he wants to quit smoking

Depressed as he wants to quit smoking

Poor Health

Breathing secondhand smoke is just as poisonous and dangerous as smoking a cigarette. For children, however, secondhand smoke is particularly dangerous because their lungs, among other body parts, are less developed and more susceptible to the harmful effects of cigarette toxins. Often children of smokers develop issues such as asthma, chronic pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses. They can also develop circulatory problems and there has even been research suggesting a link between secondhand smoke inhalation and leukemia and brain tumors in children.

Poor Habits

Children exposed to their parents’ unhealthy smoking habit, learn that this kind of unhealthy behavior is acceptable. Parents are children’s number one role models and children are always watching mum and dad in order to mimic their behavior and learn to be adults. This is how children learn many of the habits they will carry with them into their adult life, for better or worse.

You have the power to quit—you just need to make the decision to do it. And when you do contact Maureen Hamilton 1300 619 684 or go to for more information and/or to book online. Maureen has been helping people to quit smoking for years and still gives a Lifetime Guarantee. So if the person smokes again, they come back at no extra cost.

Maureen is very committed and only sees people if they are also committed and have a real want to quit. So do give Maureen a call today.