Does Smoking Habit and Cigarettes Contribute to Global Warming?

You might think that your smoking habit from a cigarette cannot cause global warming. Well, that’s not the case here. Smoking cigarettes have a significant impact not only on health but also on Earth. Do you know how many cigarettes gets manufactured per year? According to a report, Six trillion cigarettes gets produced every year. Six trillion! That’s a lot of cigarettes. I am sure after reading this article you will wish to Quit smoking.

Does Smoking Affect the Environment Directly

Smoking might not influence the environment directly but, the process of producing cigarettes can impact Earth. So smoking does affect the environment. Cigarettes will not only contribute to climate change but will also pollute air and water sources. Let’s break down the data and see how cigarettes contribute to Global Warming.

Production of Cigarettes 

Tobacco is wrapped with paper for cigarette production. Now for producing six trillion cigarettes, 4 miles of paper is used per hour. Isn’t it crazy? This leads to deforestation. Which further causes an increase in carbon dioxide. Trees can absorb around 22 million net tons of carbon dioxide from the environment.

There is an ongoing demand for cigarettes and, that’s the reason for massive production. However, many people are quitting Cigarettes. Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways in which one can break this bad habit of smoking cigarettes.

Biodegradability of Cigarettes

For a very evident reason, cigarettes are not environment friendly. Few of them can take a decade to decompose. Cigarette butts are made using cellulose acetate. And it is hard to degrade cellulose acetate. Around 4.5 million cigarettes have non-degradable filters. Cigarette butts comprise 30%-40% of items collected in annual coastal/urban clean-ups. About 75% of the smoked cigarettes are littered. This further pollutes oceans, blocks waterways and contributes to soil pollution. Cigarette bud is the world’s number one source of litter all around the world. It’s so hard to remove cigarette residues from the environment. Imagine how much smoke residue a smoker would have in his lungs.

Toxins In Cigarettes

The butts contain harmful toxins which lead to soil, water, and air pollution. It contains nicotine, cyanide, acetone, arsenic, and heavy metals like barium, chromium, and lead.

A single cigarette bud was put in a controlled environment to show how it would affect the organisms living in the controlled environment. They found out that leachate from the single cigarette bud could kill half the exposed fishes. Imagine those creatures that are not only getting exposed to it but mistakenly swallow it. The toxins will be released inside their bodies and kill them slowly.

Harvesting of Tobacco

The main ingredient of a cigarette is Nicotiana tabacum or commonly known as tobacco. Tobacco puts a massive hit on the environment. The plant itself is highly demanding and needs a lot of nutrients. It absorbs six times more potassium from the soil than any regular plant. The farmer grows tobacco on the same land for few years until unless the soil loses its fertility. Six hundred million trees get chopped every year to grow tobacco. Setting aside the pollution generated from manufacturing cigarettes, just losing this many carbon dioxide-absorbing trees leaves at least 22 million net tons of CO2 in the atmosphere, roughly equivalent to burning 2.8 billion gallons of gasoline.

In conclusion, I would say smoking costs a lot to our health as well as the environment. It’s high time to be mindful and conscious about the damage it causes to our bodies and planet. If you are someone who is trying to Quit smoking, then they must try Hypnotherapy. Quitting can be difficult but not impossible. But it is just like any other bad habit. You can break this habit with the help of an experienced hypnotherapist.

How Can Quit Smoking Hypnosis Work?

Tobacco kills around 8 million people every year out of which 7 million are direct users and 1 million are second-hand smokers. You can make this one of the reasons to quit smoking. If you are thinking about quitting, then you should look into the Hypnosis concept. A hypnotherapist helps people achieve their goals to improve their health. Quit smoking is not so easy and, many people struggle in their day-to-day life. It can be difficult but not impossible. Hypnosis amplifies your current desires. In this case, if you want to quit smoking,  hypnotherapy will help you to quit smoking.

At Master Your Life Power we offer a half-hour Complimentary Consultation so you can meet the person you will assess whether the therapy you are seeking is going to be the right one for you. For example, you want to quit smoking but have attempted hypnosis previously and been unsuccessful. Then we must have a conversation around this. Our Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton has been working with people for over 10 years and assisted over 2,000 people to quit smoking and still gives a Lifetime Guarantee.

This is why extensive preparation is done before seeing people. This preparation for the Quit Smoking Hypnosis includes filling in the forms and listening to the two audios. These are provided as soon as the appointment is made. This allows the person to spend time on the reasons why they want to quit, and alternative ideas instead of smoking. When clients come in, they are well prepared and ready to be a non-smoker when they walk out of the practice. People with emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, PTSD or other issues have also been assisted. To find out more check out the Testimonials.

Maureen Hamilton – Hypnotherapist

Take action and call Maureen Hamilton today and make that commitment to quit smoking. There are so many benefits to quitting: –

  • Your health will improve
  • Your loved ones will be so grateful
  • If you have life insurance then the premium or the loading will be removed
  • You will have more money in the bank to do the things you love

As well as the above benefits you will also have a Lifetime Guarantee. So, if you ever smoke again, come back for another session and there will be no charge.

These are just a few of the benefits. So, call now on 1300 619 684 and have a chat with Nicole as she loves organizing appointments to see Maureen. Become a non-smoker in just one easy session.

Alternatively, you can book an appointment online.

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