How to overcome Cigarette craving with 5 amazing snacks

If I ask you what makes quitting so difficult? The cigarette craving will be the number one hurdle you’ll answer. In this blog, we will discuss what is the reason behind cigarette cravings and how can you overcome them. Smoking is a habit and it can be broken or replaced by healthier habits. When you decide to quit smoking, you must be prepared for the consequences. As I said it’s a habit, your body will take time to understand and adjust to the new environment. Here is an affirmation that you can use while you face the urge of smoking during your cold turkey or gradual withdrawal.

I am Robust and healthy, I repel cigarettes and smoking does not attract me.

How to overcome Cigarette craving

Why do you Crave cigarettes after quitting?

Do you still feel the cigarette craving after months of quitting? Don’t worry, that’s natural. It’s common for former smokers to get triggered by certain food, activity, place, and people in their day to face the urge to smoke again. This is very natural for someone who is recovering from nicotine addiction. But you can develop healthy coping mechanisms to overcome these cravings. Nicotine is a chemical component in tobacco that produces pleasant effects on your brain. The more you smoke the more nicotine is used to make you feel good.

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the nicotine dependence symptoms is Cigarette craving. After quitting tobacco, your body will show a sudden urge of jumping back to the old pattern. Many people fail to quit smoking as they cannot control their cravings and urges and grab that pack of cigarettes again. Nicotine releases a happy hormone in your body and when you quit, the lack of happy hormone makes you feel worse.

How to overcome Cigarette Craving?

To overcome craving, you must understand what triggers your craving. Apart from the nicotine withdrawal syndrome, there can be several triggers that can cause cigarette cravings. Your triggers can be physical, emotional, pattern trigger, withdrawal, or social trigger. The first step is to understand your trigger. At what time of the day, you feel the urge, what makes you crave more, how do you feel during the urge.

  • Try some Lifestyle Changes
  • Reach out for Support 
  • Talk to a Doctor
  • Try Hypnotherapy 

If you face difficulty in understanding your trigger then you must try Quit Smoking Hypnosis. A hypnotherapist can help you to understand the root cause of your craving, including triggers, the reason you started smoking, and can help you to overcome the bad habit of smoking. Maureen Hamilton is a published author, speaker; hypnotherapist and assists people to remove bad habits such as smoking and eating. Maureen’s practice has evolved to assist people with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, addictions and so much more, utilizing her exceptional skills as a Hypnotherapist.

cigarette craving

5 Amazing Snacks to help smoking Urge 

.These are some easy snacks which you can prepare on your own or you can find them at your local store. Which can help you to reduce the craving and keep you healthy at the same time.


Yes, your favorite movie snack can help you with your cravings. Take some corn kernels with a little bit of coconut oil, herbs, salt, and spices and pop it in the oven. As far as you don’t use a huge amount of butter and caramel. It is a healthy alternative. Popcorn is rich in fiber, whole grain, and anti-oxidants.

So whenever you feel low. Just grab popcorn and watch your favorite movie.

popcorn to help with cigarette craving

Veggies with Hummus

Hummus is a nutrient-dense spread that is a good source of protein and fiber. Hummus is made up of chickpea, olive oil, spices, and herbs. It is one of the filling food you can have. When you feel full, you won’t have an urge to cigarette puff. Pack some Hummus with crunchy vegetables and you can have it as a snack or your lunch. Vegetables will contain fiber and are rich in minerals.

hummus and vegetable to help with cigarette smoking

Fruit Yogurt 

Sugar is also an important content in cigarettes. When you are trying to quit, you’ll experience a craving for sweets. For the sugar craving, your fruit Yogurt is the best option. Yogurt contains probiotics, calcium, and protein. It will help your skin and hair look healthier. Prolonged smoking can lead to muscle loss and aging. Your diet post quitting should be rich in calcium and protein to regain muscle and bone strength.

Add your favorite fruit to the yogurt and give yourself this healthy sweet treat when you are experiencing cigarette cravings.

Fruit yogurt


Full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and shown to help reduce bad cholesterol and heart disease, nuts are a super healthy option to reach for when you feel a craving or hunger pang coming on. They’re also extremely portable — throw a small handful in a baggie for a post-lunch snack or for when you’re on the go all day!

nuts for cigarette craving

Dark Chocolate 

If you are a chocolate lover then this is good news for you. You can enjoy small bricks of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the best substitute for nicotine. Packed with nutrients, dark chocolate can produce happy hormones just like nicotine.

dark chocholate

Food you Must avoid 

Certain food and drink can trigger your cigarette craving. You must avoid this food to control your cravings. The following is the list of things you must avoid.

  • Alcohol
  • Greasy Food
  • Coffee
  • Low-calorie food
  • Sweet

There are various techniques of quitting smoking and controlling your cigarette cravings such as Nicotine patches, cold turkey, behavioral therapy, and other techniques. Hypnosis is considered to be one of the best techniques as it has no side effects. You can quit smoking using Hypnosis and this will also help you with the cigarette craving. I strongly believe that smoking is a habit and it can be broken or replaced with a new and better habit. Hypnosis helps people to identify the cause of them depending on cigarettes and how they can overcome their bad habits to live a smoke-free life.

If you want to quit smoking and want to avail the health benefits of Quitting then you must consider Hypnosis. An expert Hypnotherapist can help you to overcome your obstacle in your quitting journey and to achieve your goals.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapist in Brisbane | Maureen Hamilton

Maureen Hamilton is a published author, speaker; hypnotherapist and assists people to remove bad habits such as smoking and eating. Maureen’s practice has evolved to assist people with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, addictions and so much more, utilizing her exceptional skills as a Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is an exceptional process allowing people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other emotional issues to achieve calm and peaceful lives.

Maureen has previously worked in many areas of health in Australia as well as overseas. She provides a Lifetime Guarantee. So if you ever smoke again, come back for another session and there will be no charge. So call now on 1300 619 684 and have a chat with Nicole as she loves organizing appointments to see Maureen. Become a nonsmoker in just one easy session. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online.


Your health is in your hand and you can quit the harmful cigarette if you take control of it. Break your pattern and live a smoke-free life. Replace the cigarette craving with healthier options such as dark chocolate, sweet yogurt, and nuts. Avoid triggering food, places, and people which can add to your cigarette craving. You can also take help from an expert to reduce cigarette cravings.