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Thanks for your interest in quitting cigarettes with Life Coach to Quit Smoking!

You want to quit cigarettes and this is the first step to becoming a non-smoker. Congratulations!

You will soon have in your possession a very valuable Gift Pack. The contents of this Gift Pack are valued at approximately $55.00, but we think you’ll find that the real value of this information is priceless, and is the beginning of your journey to success.

In the Gift Pack you will receive three things:

  1. A CD worth $35.00. This CD has an actual stress relief self-hypnosis induction and an introduction to hypnosis that is fun and informative.
  2. A gift Certificate worth $20.00 and valid for one month.
  3. Some written information for you to read at your leisure.

How does this system help you quit cigarettes in 60 minutes and provide you with our guaranteed commitment to help you become a non smoker for life?

Listen to the CD. It will explain it all.

The basics are: It combines advanced hypnosis, NLP, reframing, follow up support structures and more – to address the individual needs of each smoker.

We sincerely wish you a healthier, wealthier and happier life.

The CD also has a stress reduction track. Listen to it whenever you want to relieve stress. That in itself may make this whole gift pack worth it.

Wishing you success, and all the very very best.

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    Customer Testimonials

    Hi Maureen. Just a quick note to say thank you. I have not had even a puff of cigarette since our session on 10 May 14. Any desire or thought flits straight out again. This is certainly a much less painful way to stop smoking. I recommend you to anyone who is interested, even had someone ask about weight loss. Hope all is well for you. Regards
    Gail Wilshire