5 Things to Remember When You Stop Smoking

Congratulations! Quitting smoking is a major achievement that you should be proud of! Tips to Help Your Body Recover as a Non Smoker But giving up the tobacco habit is only the first step in the long smoking cessation healing process. Your body will now need to recover from the damages wrought on it by […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Smoking

People smoke for many different reasons and there are also a lot more reasons why a person should stop smoking. Why do People Start Smoking Initially some people start smoking due to peer pressure because they don’t want to be different from their friends. Some people smoke out of curiosity. They want to know what it tastes […]

Does Smoking Damage the Heart?

 Yes, smoking can damage the heart. The heart is the organ that supplies blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. It is about the size of a clenched fist, weighs about 10.5 ounces and is shaped like a cone. The heart is the most important muscle in the body. Circulation of blood […]

Vitamin B6 for Smokers and People With ADHD

Do you have a History of Smoking? Have you recently quit smoking and are looking for a way to boost your immune system? Or perhaps you are thinking about quitting smoking. Do you or someone you love suffer from ADHD and are looking for a more natural relief that doesn’t involve drugs or medication? If […]

Quit Smoking and Keep off the Kilos!

Smokers often come up with excuses for why they can’t quit smoking. Maybe they only smoke at parties. Maybe they use cigarettes as a way to meet people. Maybe they just like cigarettes. Of the endless reasons why, one very popular pro-smoking excuse is the belief that smoking is a form of weight management. In […]

Reasons Why You Need to Stop Smoking

People smoke for many different reasons. There are also many other reasons why a person should stop smoking. Why do People Start Smoking? There are a number of reasons why people start smoking. Here are a few:- Initially some people start smoking due to peer pressure. They don’t want to be different from their friends. Some […]

Psychological Effects of Marijuana

If you are a marijuana smoker, quitting smoking is important for your mental health. Quitting Smoking Marijuana Keeps Your Mental Faculties in Better Shape When we talk about smoking, particularly cigarettes, we are mainly concerned with identifying the physical hazards. When it comes to smoking marijuana, the psychological hazards often pose a greater risk. Let’s […]

Hypnotherapy Concepts

Chances are you have heard of hypnosis, but you may not believe in it. Many people are sceptical when it comes to anything that has to do with trances or altered-states of mind that are not induced by drugs. However, hypnosis is a very real phenomenon that can have many therapeutic benefits. In order to […]

5 Ways of Showing Your Gratitude

Being thankful and showing those around you gratitude is a healing and fulfilling way to approach living your life. It makes you happy, keeps you balanced, and humble and fills those around you with a sense of worthiness and warmth. Showing gratitude is a simple task Gratitude can be a simple thank you when someone […]

Does Australia’s Strict Approach to Tobacco Advertising actually Help People Quit Smoking?

Australia is one of the world leaders in the war against tobacco advertising. Power of the Tobacco Industry The idea has been that to help people quit smoking, the tobacco advertising industry must have its wings clipped. It has been illegal to advertise tobacco products on the radio and television since 1976 and in 1990 […]

Impact of Marijuana on Physical Health

Many marijuana users and activists believe that cigarette smoking is more dangerous to your physical health than marijuana. While it is thought to be true that cigarette smoking is more harmful for your body than pot, it is completely false to assume that pot has no negative impact on your physical health. There are many […]

Marijuana Vs Tobacco

The healthiest lifestyle is one that is totally smoke free, avoiding both marijuana and tobacco. Many tobacco smokers feel that as long as they don’t engage marijuana use, their habit isn’t that bad because it is legal. Conversely, marijuana users believe that tobacco smoke is way more harmful than cannabis smoke and thus they feel […]

5 Reasons People Start Smoking

Starting to smoke is one of the most regretted actions of most smokers, especially people who have experienced serious health problems. Losing a loved one to smoking is also painful and sad. Smoking is a Psychosocial Habit While most people search the internet for information on how to quit smoking, finding out why people start […]

Impact of Plain Packaging on Smokers

Despite vehement global anti-smoking efforts over the past several decades, cigarette smoking is proving extremely difficult to eradicate. According to the World Health Organization, there are nearly 1 billion smokers on the planet and that number is increasing. Australia Takes the First Step to Block Smoking Australia recently became the first country to up the […]

How to Prevent Teenage Smoking

To Prevent Teenage Smoking, we have to Understand Why they Start If we want to help teens stop smoking, then we must ask: what is it that makes a teenager light up that first cigarette? Is it Big Tobacco advertising? Stress? Friends, Parents or Peer Pressure? The teenage years are a habit forming stage of […]

How Does Smoking Affect Teeth

The majority of contemporary anti-smoking adds and promotions focus on the internal effects of smoking cigarettes such as cancer, heart disease, emphysema, indigestion and so many more. Not as much emphasis is placed on the smoke effects on teeth. Losing teeth due to smoking can not only affect the ability to eat, it can be […]

Save Your Skin: The Facts About Skin Cancer

Your skin is your largest organ. It covers your entire body and has a surface area of around 2 square metres. Quitting smoking is especially important because this bad habit exposes you to a variety of different cancers, skin cancer included. While most people associate smoking with lung cancer, the carcinogens in cigarettes can contribute to the development of […]

Second Hand Smoke Worse Than Smoking – Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is one of the most deadly and harmful habits one can develop.  Each time a person lights a cigarette and inhales they are inhaling around 4000 chemicals and toxins. Being around this tobacco smoke is equally bad for non smokers who are in close proximity. It is harmful and dangerous when […]

How Does Smoking Affect Breathing?

Being able to breath is such an essential part of living and smoking can create many challenges for people who smoke. Impact of Smoking on Breathing A smoker inhales around 7,000 chemicals while smoking, these chemicals can cause profound damage to the body particularly the lungs and the respiratory system. Some of the changes may […]

Smoking – Myths vs Facts

Everyone knows smoking is bad for them. For decades people have known about the dangers of smoking and how it affects their lives. Knowing the dangers, still many of the smokers are not ready to quit smoking. The reason is due to the common fears and misconceptions related to quitting smoking. Luckily, most of these […]

What You Can Do to Stop Smoking?

Smokers claim that cigarettes have become such an essential part of their daily routine that it’s now impossible to stop smoking. Stressed or bored, in pain or for pleasure, grab a cigarette and all your problems will vanish into thin air! That’s something which almost all smokers commonly believe in and practically do it as […]

How Does Smoking Cause Emphysema

What is Emphysema? It is a chronic disease where the air sacs or alveoli become damaged and lose their elasticity so that the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide is limited. The body requires the oxygen to survive. Smoking damages this lung tissue. The duration of a smokers’ habit directly affects the damage caused by smoking, […]

Impact of Smoking Ads on Children

A big part of keeping children smoke free is to attack tobacco’s advertising capabilities. Children have malleable minds that are easily shaped by external influences. How does Advertising Impact Children They soak them up like a sponge, storing up the behaviors and habits that will characterise their adult life. Thus, children are much more responsive […]

Steps to Become a Non Smoker

So you have made that initial step to find out more about the Quit Smoking Hypnosis.  Well done! Information is power so once you have done your research then you will have a clearer mind as to how and why hypnosis works so well. Quit Smoking Hypnosis Information Congratulations on wanting to stop smoking!  To let […]

Why is it so Hard to Stop Smoking?

I am sure many smokers have asked themselves or their doctor this question.  People often say they were able to stop Marijuana easily but they cannot stop smoking. Which raises the question, is it really an addiction or a very powerful habit? Most people have managed to stop smoking briefly such as air flights or hospitalisation. […]

Who Tells Us Cigarettes and/or Nicotine Are Addictive?

To answer that question you need look no further than the cigarette companies and the government with their advertising. They are supported by the companies that manufacture products such as Nicorette, Nicabate etc and other non effective products marketed as Quit Therapies. Why do you think this is? Even though the government states it wants to […]

Mind Over Matter: Smoking Cigarettes, A Force of Habit

If you want to stop smoking, you have to defeat your mind and not your body. Smoking Cessation is About Habit Cessation The common belief about smoking over the last 50 years has been smokers are physically addicted to tobacco, particularly nicotine. While it is true that the body can become addicted to tobacco, research […]

Six Tips to Quit Smoking

Despite how aware we are of the health hazards associated with smoking, millions of people across the globe still light up each day. That does not mean, however, that millions of people want to keep smoking. There are many people who do want to quit. Is Smoking an Addiction or a Habit Smoking is often […]

Smoking Leads To A Shorter Life

Sounds like a dramatic news headline, but there is nothing dramatic or comical about it. Smoking certainly does kill people faster which is an awful situation. Main Reason for Quitting Smoking One of the main reasons to quit smoking if you have a tobacco habit is you will feel an enormous relief for quitting as you […]

Quit Smoking is Easy

Quitting smoking can be one of the biggest challenges smokers face. Most smokers don’t want to smoke but feel totally controlled by the cigarette. For example how often have smokers said they had decided to cut down thinking they would not smoke when they get up in the morning? Then in the morning they reach […]

Do You Have a Plan for Quitting Smoking

Are you thinking about quitting smoking? We know quit smoking planning is important. No matter what the event or occasion is, planning is essential. Take for example any major construction. Most organisations use a program such as Project Manager to ensure the project is finished on time. Well the same applies to quit smoking. Planning […]

Harness the Power of Your Unconscious Mind, Quit Smoking for Good

Many people think that quitting smoking entails a mixture of nicotine patches and endless suffering and cigarette cravings. But, truthfully, quitting smoking doesn’t have to be so difficult (or painstaking) if you tap into the power of your unconscious mind. Is smoking really an addiction? Mainstream medicine tells you that smoking is an addiction to […]

Is The Media Responsible For Eating Disorders?

The media bombards us with pressure to be thin and perfect, and this kind of pressure does not lead to a healthy self-image or healthy eating habits. Women, especially teenage girls, are particularly vulnerable to the images of celebrity and model bodily perfection that are really just the result of personal trainers, stylists, and airbrushing. […]

Quit Smoking is not always easy

Indeed that can be said of many people who struggle every day to quit. Remember when you first started smoking and it was so revolting. Then we persevered until we were hooked and enjoying it. Looking back there are many reasons why people smoke – peer pressure; parents smoked so it was a natural progression […]

Can Quit Smoking Lose Weight

You’ve probably heard that smokers lose weight just from smoking, and that people who quit smoking start gaining weight. If you’re a smoker, think about your other lifestyle habits. Odds are, they aren’t the healthiest choices either. Maybe your cholesterol levels are too high, or maybe you don’t get enough exercise, leading to poor metabolism […]

Why do People get Sick When They Give up Smoking

It is not unusual to hear people say “I quit cigarettes but was sick for days or even possibly weeks after quitting. So Why do People Get Sick There are over 4,000 toxins and poisons in every cigarette. Perhaps not huge amounts but over a period of time they do add up. The body has […]

Can Smoking Cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Many people fear quitting smoking for a variety of reasons. It will be too hard, it is impossible to quit, it will make socialising harder etc. However, many of the fears that people associate with quitting smoking are really just excuses; many people want to justify their habit by creating a litany of reasons why […]

Quit Smoking Inspiration

Quitting a bad habit is one of the most difficult things to do, especially smoking. It is  a physically and mentally destructive habit that leaves its mark on all systems of the body. For you, quitting smoking may seem impossible. However, with the right tools, determination, and inspiration, you can quit without ever wanting a […]

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Timeline

Quitting smoking is not easy. Just as you become accustomed to pulling a cigarette out, your body and mind become accustomed to smoking. You develop a habit, and pretty soon it is almost a subconscious reflex. You have a cigarette when you get in your car. You have one when you have your first cup […]

Can I Really Quit Smoking in 3 Weeks?

It’s an offer you can’t refuse and it’s an offer that likely sounds too good to be true: quit smoking in three weeks? But quitting smoking in three weeks is actually a very attainable goal as long as you know how to go about it the right way. How Can you Quit Smoking in 3 […]

Smoking and Bone Health

Most people associate the harms of smoking with lung damage and cancer, but the tobacco habit’s negative effects on your health go much deeper—did you know that smoking can also damage your bones? The bones are rigid organs that protect the rest of your body, provide your body with structure, and allow movement. Damaging your […]

Cigarette Prison: The Smoker’s Isolation

Very often, we think of smoking as a social habit; that is, smoking is something that people do to connect with others around them. But as smoking becomes more and more of a taboo—especially in the public sphere—many smokers are beginning to feel isolated and alone as they see their friends around them quit smoking […]

Smoking and Pregnant

Smoking used to be cool, the coolest thing you could do. Just watch an episode of Mad Men or turn on a Humphrey Bogart flick for proof—tobacco used to be the King of suave. These days cigarettes have lost their glitz and glamour. In most Western countries, smoking is frowned upon and is quickly losing […]

Why Quit Smoking is Hard

Habits are hard to break. Like biting your nails or twirling your hair, smoking is a habit that becomes a nearly unconscious reflex. As you develop a smoking habit, your mind associates having a cigarette with getting settled in your car, having your morning coffee, or walking out of the office at the end of […]

Is There a Cure for Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in humans, and it affects millions of people across the globe every year. This cancer is caused by over-exposure to the sun, radiation, carcinogens, and aging. Types of Skin Cancer There are three types: basal cell carcinoma, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. All three pose a […]

5 Ways to Quit Smoking

Making the decision to quit smoking is the first and most important step in quitting smoking. Some people can go cold turkey and not feel too many side effects.  This is often due to the fact they have made the conscious decision to stop smoking. However, most people feel extreme stress and sometimes anxiety when […]

How to Quit Smoking and Not Gain Weight

One of the many reasons smokers cling to their habit is because they believe that it is the perfect form of weight control. Unfortunately, this belief is not based in myth, but grounded in reality: smoking does cause weight loss. How Does Smoking Help to Lose Weight Nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant thus causing […]

Pot Fries Your Brain: Stay Away From Marijuana

Quitting smoking doesn’t just mean quitting cigarettes. If you smoke marijuana, then it is just as important for you to kick your smoking habit. Why do People Still Smoke Pot after Quitting Cigarettes Because marijuana is not physically as harmful as tobacco smoke, many people justify their marijuana habit as the healthier of the two. […]

Will Quit Smoking Improve My Skin

The health risks of smoking are seemingly endless: Heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancers of vital organs, and many others. Add skin improvement to the pages-long list of reasons to quit smoking. From wrinkles to poor complexion to bags under your eyes, smoking is simply detrimental for your skin. Since smoking limits blood flow and limits […]

Does Smoking Cause Indigestion?

Many of the negative side effects of smoking are well-known:  quit smoking campaigns have made the dangers of cancer, emphysema and heart disease crystal clear to consumers. However, smoking can lead to a great many other health complications, including indigestion. Let’s look at some of the ways that tobacco use affects the gastrointestinal system in […]

Nicotine Replacement Therapies and Risks of Habituation

The mainstream public has been led to believe that the main culprit behind tobacco use is the addictive nature of nicotine. Despite evidence to the contrary, such as studies that confirm that smoking is not an addiction but rather a psychosocial habit, many smokers cling to the idea that kicking smoking simply means kicking nicotine […]

Quit Smoking and Heal the Lungs

Smoking damages the body in countless ways, but one of the hardest hit areas is the respiratory system. Habitual smoking often leads to respiratory illnesses like emphysema and lung cancer. Fortunately, the harmful effects of smoking can be undone, but it can take months to years to get the lungs back to normal. Here are […]

Smoking and Cardiac Arrhythmias: What You Need To Know

Smoking is incredibly damaging to the human heart. Whether contributing to heart disease, heart attacks, or other circulatory problems, tobacco smoke is a deadly poison for the cardiovascular system and it is imperative that people quit smoking in order to save their lives. What is Cardiac Arrhythmia One cardiovascular aspect of smoking that is discussed […]

The Harmful Effects of Nicotine

Nicotine is one of over 4,000 toxins found in cigarette smoke. Traditionally, nicotine has been held responsible for smoking addictions. However recent research has shown that smoking is actually a psychosocial habit and not a physical addiction. How Harmful is Nicotine to the Body Regardless of whether or not nicotine is the smoking addiction culprit, […]

Eczema: Quit Smoking and Quit Scratching

Eczema is an umbrella term used to cover a wide array of itchy dermatitis manifestations. Eczema symptoms can generally be mitigated and controlled, but they have a tendency to flare up when exposed to internal and external irritants. Some of the main eczema enemies are food allergies and pollen, but many people do not realize […]

Quit Smoking and Quit Snoring

Snoring is an annoying experience for those around you. Smoking triggers snoring outbreaks so to stop this you need to quit smoking. Quit Smoking Hypnosis is an easy option to use to quit smoking. Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton also offers a Lifetime Guarantee. So take the plunge…

Smoking and Asthma – Secondhand Smoke: What You Need to Know

There are millions of asthma sufferers on the planet and if you are a smoker, they need your help. You may also need help. Quit Smoking Hypnosis helps people quit in one session with Maureen Hamilton who also offers a Lifetime Guarantee. Are you frustrated with being a smoker?

Smoking Hurts Your Feet!

Smoking causes chronic foot pain because of a condition known as peripheral arterial disease or PAD. PAD is caused by the build-up of excess plaque in the arteries. Particularly vulnerable to this build-up are the legs and feet. As the veins and arteries clog up, blood has a harder time circulating through the legs and feet and this can cause pain, numbness and foot sores that do not heal. PAD is a nasty problem and smokers are four times as likely to develop it as non-smokers due to the way in which tobacco smoke ravages the cardiovascular system.

Becoming a Non Smoker

Did you ever smoke and are you now a non smoker? You must feel that sense of pride and achievement, and no doubt very, very happy and relieved. Yes, and of course it is an achievement and you have made it – so well done! Receiving lots of comments and congratulations? Family are usually the ones […]

Illness after Quitting Smoking

Have you ever heard of people getting sick, days or even months after quitting smoking? You may wonder why this could happen. After all aren’t you supposed to feel healthier as a non smoker? There are a number of factors why this may happen. However breathing is a big factor. You see when a person […]

Will Quit Smoking Improve My Skin

The health risks of smoking are seemingly endless: Heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancers of vital organs, and many others. Add skin improvement to the pages-long list of reasons to quit smoking. From wrinkles to poor complexion to bags under your eyes, smoking is simply detrimental for your skin. Since smoking limits blood flow and limits […]

Why Quit Smoking For Surgery

If you’re scheduled for an operation and are currently a smoker, it’s essential that you stop smoking in order to prevent any complications. Even if your procedure is minimally invasive, smoking has the potential to severely affect your body, even during recovery. Why quit smoking for surgery? Smoking limits blood flow and oxygen in the […]

Things Which Help Quit Smoking

If you visit your doctor because you want to quit smoking, he or she may recommend prescription pills or a nicotine supplement in the form of patches and gums. If you step inside your local pharmacy, they may have some options, too. At the very least, you could find e-cigarettes of all shapes, sizes, and […]

Where Can I Quit Smoking

If you’re ready to quit smoking, there are seemingly many options out there—nicotine patches, nicotine gums, e-cigarettes, and even prescription pills. All of these options promise to help you quit smoking by physically interacting with your body, but what these treatments lack is mental intervention. You are still a smoker during these treatments, and you […]

Quit Smoking Inspiration

Quitting a bad habit is one of the most difficult things to do, especially smoking, a physically and mentally destructive habit that leaves its mark on all systems of the body. For you, quitting smoking may seem impossible. However, with the right tools, determination and inspiration, you can quit without ever wanting a cigarette again. […]

What Quit Smoking Aid is Best

Many smokers end up relapsing after quitting. Some choose to quit cold turkey, but for others, this method is strenuous on the body and mind, creating an overwhelming feeling of stress, which can lead to smoking yet again. For many smokers, quitting is a vicious cycle that leaves them feeling tired and defeated. However, to […]

5 Reasons Smoking Wrinkles Your Skin

Most info relayed about the hazards of smoking centers on the internal effects of the bad habit: cancer, heart disease, emphysema, indigestion etc. But smoking also affects the external body, the skin in particular. Thus, a good reason to quit smoking is to keep the skin looking youthful and healthy—smokers tend to have skin that […]

COPD and Emphysema: What’s the Difference?

COPD and emphysema are both nasty lung disorders whose damaging effects on the body reinforce the necessity of quitting smoking as soon as possible. But COPD and emphysema are not the same disease, despite the fact that many mistakenly believe that the two are one in the same. Therefore, it is important to learn how […]

Smoking’s Effect on the Teeth

You are likely well aware of the many adverse side-effects linked to smoking http://lifecoachtoquitsmok ing.com/smoking-2/why-you-shouldnt-smoke-the-basics, but one issue that often goes unnoticed in the quit smoking battle is the harm cigarettes can do to your teeth. What is so bad about smoking Smoking is toxic and the thousands of poisons and chemicals in each cigarette […]

Smoking and the Health Care System: The Cost of Cigarettes

You know about the cost of smoking in terms of longevity—smokers live shorter, sicker lives. But did you know that smoking costs health care systems across the globe billions of dollars every year? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention smoking  related-illnesses account for 6-8% of all health care costs in the United States, […]

Smoking: Why Is It So Hard to Quit?

It is common knowledge that quitting smoking is hard—but it isn’t necessarily common knowledge that it doesn’t have to be. Quit Smoking Cold Turkey Quitting smoking is hard if you go about it the hard way. Trying to quit smoking cold turkey? That’s the hard way. Using nicotine patches to give up cigarettes? That’s the […]

Plain Packaging: Is It Working?

Over the years, anti-smoking initiatives have tried numerous approaches to keeping cigarettes out of the hands of smokers. Big Tobacco fight hard to keep their product selling But Big Tobacco has always stood in the way, marketing their brands as cool and rewarding, even when they lead to serious health complications and death. However, the […]

Help! Cigarettes Are Controlling My Life—And I Hate It!

Do you have the feeling that cigarettes are controlling your life? Do you wake up every morning and your first thought is—‘I need a smoke’? Well you don’t have to live this way. Many people do not realize that the smoking ball is in their court, so to speak; that is, quitting smoking is entirely […]

The Cost of Living with a Smoker – Bad for Your Health, Bad for Your Finances

There are millions of smokers worldwide and thus millions of people who live with smokers. Living with a smoker can be challenging; especially given that you’re constantly subjected to the smell. However, you also know how difficult it can be for smokers to quit smoking. If you live with a smoker, however, it is in […]

Want Your Loved One to Quit Smoking? Here is What NOT to Do

If you have a loved one—a mum, dad, daughter, husband or best friend—who smokes, then you likely want to help him or her give up the deadly habit. But being a good quit smoking helper is not always an easy thing. And sometimes, the ways in which you try to help your loved one quit […]

Does Smoking Impact Your Pet?

Smoking is a fatal habit that not only puts your life in jeopardy, but the lives of others around you as well. You have probably heard of the term second-hand smoke and are likely aware that it negatively affects people, but did you know that it can also affect your pets? Research demonstrates that pets […]

Do it for the Kids! Smoking’s Impact on Children

Quitting Smoking is something you do, not only for yourself—you also do it for the people you love, particularly children. Paul’s Story Paul was a smoker and his daughter Alexis was the main reason for stopping as he knew it was affecting her health.  You see Alexis has asthma and Paul had been advised that […]

Quit Smoking and Get Rid of Your Chest Pain

Whether you have just quit smoking or even if you are still smoking, chest pain is a problem you are likely to encounter with cigarette usage. If you experience smoking-related chest pain, then you know that it can be a scary experience; chest pain causes many smokers to worry about diseases such as cancer and emphysema. However before […]

Help to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Are you thinking of stopping smoking? Do you have health related problems and want to stop smoking so you can live longer? Or are you frustrated with spending your hard-earned money TRYING to give up smoking? Sick of the cravings from going Cold Turkey? Had enough of the Patches? Chewed too much Gum? Or having […]

Is Smoking a Crutch for you?

It wasn’t so long ago that people looked on smoking as a socially acceptable behaviour.  Of course these days smokers or often looked down upon and made to feel uncomfortable because they smoke. People use Smoking as a Crutch It is becoming more prevalent for people wanting to quit smoking to have emotional issues where […]

8 Quit Smoking Mistakes

Quit smoking can be a challenge so preparation is paramount to any success. Gaining as much knowledge prior to quitting is essential. Why is Knowledge so Important? This allows you to be guaranteed of success. To help you along the way here is a short eBook that will give you guidance so you can be […]

Mistakes Smokers Make When Trying to Quit

Becoming a non smoker and quitting smoking can be such a challenge.  Being a really nasty habit rather than an addiction makes it even harder. We all know that breaking an addiction is really challenging. I had a doctor come to me to quit smoking a short while ago and he challenged me on this […]

How Can People Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes?

Trying to quit smoking is never easy. So assisting people to become non smokers is an enjoyable role which provides rewards I never thought possible. To finally have a solution to the controlling and ever frustrating habit of smoking is so amazing. I will always be grateful I came across this information in my ever continuing […]

Little-known Facts About E-cigarettes

Despite our growing knowledge that smoking tobacco is bad for us more than 8 million Australians have tried smoking at least once in their life and 3.1 million are currently cigarette smokers. Smoking cigarettes is known to cause damage to every organ in your body, and smoking-related illnesses are responsible for 14,900 deaths in Australia [source: Better Health […]

Why Are People Still Smoking Cigarettes?

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is not good for them. Everyone knows they spend too much money on cigarettes. So, why do People Continue to Smoke? And better yet, why is it so hard for those people who are still smoking. Research shows that 63% of smokers want to quit. But they don’t. Why? Because we […]

Link Between Heart Disease, Cancer and Nuts

Medical researchers around the globe have known for a long time that the benefits of eating nuts are numerous: nuts have been shown to improve blood cholesterol, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, improve circulation and stabilize blood glucose levels. But did you know that eating nuts can also lower your cancer, heart disease and even […]

3 Reasons to Quit Smoking and Avoid Getting Cancer

Many of us are asking, how do we get cancer? There are a range of cancers and research being carried out around the world by scientists looking at causes and endeavoring to find cures. It is recognized that smoking is a major contributor to cancer, so that alone is a good reason to quit smoking. Why […]

Quit Smoking Hypnosis and What to Expect After the Session

When it comes to quit smoking hypnosis, most smokers want to know: What will I feel like when the session is over. Will I Still Have Cravings? The answer is that there are no cravings with Quit Smoking Hypnosis. For most people, hypnosis will have the” I-was-never-a-smoker” effect. They don’t think about cigarettes and will […]

Is it Difficult to Quit Smoking?

This habit was commonly commenced during teenage years – a bit of fun or peer pressure. However after a short or even a long while people really want to quit, especially in today’s society where it is such an anti-social behavior. How difficult is it to quit smoking? For the average smoker the answer will […]

4 Tips to Becoming a Successful Non Smoker

Becoming a non smoker can be a challenge – but it doesn’t need to be.  There is so much information available these days to help people to give up smoking, safely and without discomfort. Here are 4 rally important ways in which you can help yourself achieve your goal. 1. Sugar in Cigarettes – Really? […]

WANT to Quit Smoking

Quitting can be a challenge however when it comes to a couple it can be even more challenging. There may be a greater WANT for one and not so great for another. Even after they have quit, one may put pressure on the other, either good or not so good. Can people be forced to […]

Will I be Tempted to Smoke?

Have you ever broken a habit and occasionally thought about that habit? For example you may have made the decision to stop watching TV every night and as you walk into the study or go outside to play, you have a memory of that action. Is Smoking Really a Habit? There was a man who […]

Impact of Smoking on Breathing

Most people really enjoy a cigarette after a meal.  Why? Deep breathing can greatly assist in calming down your body and mind. It’s re-energizing and soothing, but did you know that it also aids in digestion? So why is Deep Breathing Important When Quitting? A person usually takes approximately 5 deep breaths with each cigarette […]

Why is second hand smoking so bad?

It is common knowledge that smoking is one of the most deadly activities that you can engage in; indeed, every time you inhale a cigarette you bring over 4,000 chemicals and toxins into your body. It is also well known that secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking; cigarette smoke still has those toxins […]

The Third Time Is NOT a Charm: Third-Hand Smoke Is Deadly Too

By now you are very likely aware of the dangers of first and second-hand smoke. But did you know that third-hand smoke has the potential to damage human DNA? Every time a smoker exhales, remnants of tobacco smoke toxins are left clinging to various surfaces: clothing, walls, carpets, even the pages of books. And these […]

What Is the Mind?

What is the mind? This many seem like an easy question, but, in fact, you may be at a loss for words when asked to define what the mind actually is. But this shouldn’t worry you too much-some of the greatest thinkers in history-from Plato to Kant to Sartre- have struggled to determine the workings […]

How NOT to Be a People Pleaser

There are some people who could care less about what other people think or how they feel and there are some people whose self-esteem depends entirely on making other people happy. Both extremes are problematic and impede the development of healthy, fulfilling relationships.  Society, however,  tends to look more kindly on those who fall into […]

Smoking’s Impact on Children

  Quitting smoking is something you do not only for yourself—you also do it for the people you love, particularly if you have children. Smoking is a harmful habit for children to be around. When mom and dad have a regular smoking habit, their children are negatively affected in a variety of ways; the main […]

The Childhood ADHD Explosion

  Childhood ADHD is a diagnosis that is as common as it is controversial; indeed, compared to fifty years ago, there seems to be a sudden ADHD tidal wave washing over children across the globe. From a health and wellness perspective, the question becomes: What is childhood ADHD and how has it spread so much […]

Cigs and Zits: The Synergy Between Smoking and Acne

  Young or old, there are a good number of reasons to quit smoking; there are an endless variety of health issues connected to the bad habit, from heart disease to lung cancer to emphysema. One little discussed, yet widespread, health condition related to smoking is acne. While many view acne as primarily a teenage […]

The Benefits of a Smoke Free Lifestyle

  So you’ve finally done it: you’ve quit smoking.  Depending on how long you have been smoke free, you are in one of the many stages of recovery, all of which come packed with many different positive benefits to your health. But it is safe to say that overall, you are probably feeling pretty good. […]

Hypnosis: How Does It Feel

  The term hypnosis tends to conjure images of a magician on a stage or perhaps a patient lying on Freud’s couch. Indeed, there are a variety of stereotypes about hypnosis flying around, but do you really know what hypnosis is and how it feels? If not, it’s time for you to find out!

Wading Through the Methods: Finding the Best Way to Quit Smoking

  The decision to quit smoking is an important step in the direction towards better health—but the decision to quit is only step 1. Step 2, then, is finding a smoking cessation method that is best for you. But with so many quit smoking methods out there, it isn’t necessarily so easy to choose. We’ve compiled […]

I Believe Therefore I Don’t Smoke: Quitting Smoking With the Power of Your Mind

  It’s a new year, but for smokers it’s still the same old question: why is it so hard to quit smoking?  Despite the fact that many would claim that this is an unanswerable question, there is an answer and we have it: smoking is hard to quit because most smokers never address the psychosocial issues […]

Quitting Smoking: A New Year, A New Plan

  Every year millions of people across the globe make New Year’s resolutions. The beginning of a new year is a new chance, a new promise, a new day to change life for the better. One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions (in fact, it ranks consistently among the top ten) is to quit […]

Music: The Ultimate Exercise Companion

  If you are thinking about beginning a weight loss  journey then you have probably heard that the exercise component of weight management is much easier done with an exercise buddy; someone who can push and support you along the way. But that buddy doesn’t have to be a person.  Music can be your workout […]

Get to Know Your pH Levels

Whether you are trying to get healthy by way of weight loss or via healthier eating habits, it is important for you to get to know your pH levels a little better. You may remember pH levels from your high school biology class, but probably know very little about how they work. It is time […]

Smoking and the Muscular System: The Facts

The muscular system allows the body to move, pumps blood and helps human beings have an upright posture. It is comprised of a critically important group of muscles (which are also organs) that are can be terribly damaged when exposed to cigarettes smoke—just another one of the many important reasons to quit smoking.

A Dangerous Habit for the Mind and Body: Anxiety, Depression and Smoking

Many people who suffer from depression and anxiety are hesitant to quit smoking; a psychosocial habit, smoking provides stress relief and emotional gratification for many people with mental health problems. The problem, however, is that mental illness and smoking work hand in hand to exacerbate all the negative aspects for both disorders. Let’s take a […]

Why You Shouldn’t Smoke: The Basics

Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to your body; there is not benefit to smoking, no silver-lining. Yet despite the ubiquity of information on why smoking is bad for you, many people still do it. Thus, it is always worthwhile to remind people of the quit smoking benefits. We will […]

Does smoking increase your chance of ear infections?

  Smoking contributes to a wide variety of internal and external health issues; lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, wrinkly skin to name a few. Smoking, however, can also significantly increase the chance that a common cold will develop into a full blown ear infection, making the decision to quit smoking all the more urgent, especially […]

Tobacco Haze: Smoking Damages Vision

  Many people are very unaware of how smoking damages eyesight; generally, people associated smoking hazards with heart disease, cancer, and wrinkly skin. But if there is any compelling reason to quit smoking, damaged vision certainly tops that list: nobody wants to lose their ability to see.

How Seriously Do Teens Take Smoking Risks?

Contrary to popular beliefs that paint teenager as reckless and rebellious, new research from the University of Bristol shows that the youth are paying attention to the risks associated with smoking—provided that cigarette packages have the right kind of aesthetics. In an effort to get more teenagers (and more people in general) to quit smoking, […]

Cigarettes and Radiation: What You Need to Know

Ask someone if radiation is harmful to humans and you will get unanimous shouts of yes! In fact, since the dropping of the first atom bomb and the outbreak of the Cold War, the masses have cowered in fear at the prospect of ever being exposed to radiation. Well guess what? Radiation poisoning may be […]

Cigarettes Take You Away from Your Kids!

Smoking is a deadly habit, but this is old news. Smokers, non-smokers and everyone in between are acutely aware of the physical harm tobacco inhalation does to the body; that much has been made clear by constant public health campaigns against cigarettes. But the consequences of smoking are much more varied than cancer and heart […]

Quit Smoking through Self Hypnosis

Many quit smoking methods are for profit. That is, they want to hook smokers into a kind of dependency that engenders financial reward. Nicotine gum comes to mind here as do nicotine patches. The fact that the scientific community is starting to recognize that smoking is not a physical addiction but instead a psychosocial habit […]

Quit Smoking and Help your Thyroid

The thyroid is an incredibly important part of the body. It is responsible for regulating the metabolism–it keeps energy flowing through the body. Additionally, the thyroid produces hormones that help the body process other hormones in the body. The thyroid is a hormone hub and when it is not working disaster can strike, from chronic […]

Quit Smoking Today for Better Mental Health

Anti-smoking campaigns generally home in on the damages cigarettes unleash on the physical body as the primary reason people should quit smoking. Yet according to researchers at University College of London, an equally important rationale for kicking the tobacco habit is improved mental health. Smoking not only causes lung cancer; it is now being linked […]

The Just Quit Smoking Lung Detox

  Smokers inhale over 4,000 different toxins and chemicals into their lungs every time they take a puff on a cigarette. Over the days, months and years of a smoking habit, these toxins do serious damage, some of which can be fatally irreparable. Thus, all smokers need to make it a priority to quit smoking.  Of […]

Do smoking bans affect local economies?

  One of the most effective arguments people make against all-out smoking bans is that they damage local economies. In tough and uncertain economic times, this kind of statement strikes at the heart of citizens who have had their fill of financial turmoil, even if they find merit in total smoking bans. So does a […]

Does smoking raise cholesterol?

Smoking impacts people’s health in a variety of negative ways; cancer, emphysema, heart disease, and advanced aging are just a few of the common smoking-related problems. One particularly detrimental aspect of inhaling tobacco smoke is an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between good cholesterol, bad cholesterol […]

Smoking: Does It Cause Ear Infections?

Smoking is a constant assault on the physical body. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals and toxins that poison all of the body’ systems, from the cardiovascular to the respiratory. This is why it is so important to quit smoking as soon as possible—smoking cessation increases health and wellness tenfold.

How Smoking Affects Your Physical Appearance

  There are many reasons why to quit smoking; smoking cessation improves metal and physical health and wellness. As all smokers are very likely aware of, tobacco smoke creates long-term, systemic physical problems such as cancer, emphysema, diabetes, and heart disease. But the damage is not only done in the inside—smoking damage is visible on […]

Will my skin improve after quitting smoking?

  The health benefits associated with smoking cessation are plentiful. When people quit smoking, they lower their risk of heart disease, various cancers, emphysema, diabetes and indigestion. They also begin to see a marked improvement in their physical appearance, particularly the skin.

Rollies and ready-mades: is one type of cigarette better than the other?

  Tobacco companies are always trying to come up with new ways to market their toxic products. In recent years, tobacco companies have found a way to plant the idea in the minds of the general public that rollies are somehow safer or healthier than ready-made. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Quit Smoking and Control Cravings: Hypnotherapy Can Help!

Most people are fully aware of the many dangers associated with smoking cigarettes: various forms of cancer, heart disease, emphysema and indigestion are major problems caused by tobacco smoke. However, many people are afraid to quit smoking, not because they don’t want to heal their bodies, but because they are afraid it will be too […]

Synaptol: An Effective ADHD Treatment?

  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is, paradoxically, both a widespread and controversial disease. This is a paradox as there are many people who have been diagnosed with the disease and many people who claim the disease does not exist. Some believe it is made up by the greedy head honchos of Big Pharma while […]

What Physical Pains Are Associated with Smoking Cessation?

Most people who smoke want to learn how to stop, but many are afraid that it will be a painful process.  Unfortunately their fears are correct: quitting smoking doesn’t feel good. Nearly everyone is familiar with the saying “no pain no gain” and this phrase rings true of smoking cessation. Quitting smoking often engenders a […]

How long will the cravings last after I quit smoking?

  Why quit smoking? There are many reasons, but the primary motivator to give up cigarettes is quite simple: it saves lives. Smoking kills; this is a fact that nobody in their right mind can dispute. However, a point of contention vis-à-vis smoking cessation is whether or not smoking is a physical addiction or a […]

Three Reasons Why Nicotine Is So Harmful to Smokers

  Learning how to stop smoking is an important step towards better overall health. The long-term consequences of chronic tobacco inhalation are often fatal and when not deadly, they certainly decrease health and a person’s quality of life. One of the reasons that smoking is so bad for the body is that it deposits over […]

Quit Smoking and Save the Skin!

  Finding out how to stop smoking can benefit the physical body in many ways. Quitting smoking decreases the risk for certain cancers, heart and cardiovascular diseases, improves general health and mood and prevents the development of respiratory illnesses. However, quitting smoking can also hinder ageing and one cosmetic-related reason to quit smoking is younger […]

Smoking Cessation: Babies, Kids And Rooms Full Of Smoke

It is common knowledge that smoking is one of the most deadly activities that you can engage in; indeed, every time you inhale a cigarette you bring over 4,000 chemicals and toxins into your body. It is also well known that secondhand smoke is just as dangerous as smoking; cigarette smoke still has those toxins […]

Smoking and Fire Safety

One of the potentially fatal side effects of smoking that people often forget to discuss is the risk of fire. Thousands of people across the globe are killed or badly injured each year in smoking-related fires. According to the National Fire Protection Agency in the United States, cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia like matches and lighters […]

What Makes a Good EBay Business Operator?

In this day and age eCommerce is all the rage; the more connected we are by globalization and the internet, the more fruitful it is to engage in business practices that take advantage of the global business community. One of the most popular and successful eCommerce sites is eBay, and if you are thinking of […]

Weight Loss is Not Fat Loss, What’s the difference?

Many people who are trying to lose weight fail to make the distinction between weight loss and fat loss. A big mistake, since weight loss and fat loss are not interchangeable terms.  Misunderstanding that there is a major difference between weight loss and fat loss often leads people to fitness frustration and stagnation. In order […]

The Yogurt Hype

If you are trying to lose weight, thinking about losing weight, or simply have an interest in nutritious eating, then you have probably come across the yogurt hype. One of the first things that health-conscious eaters seem to go for at the grocery store is the dairy aisle, with a very specific goal in mind: […]

The Importance of Grains in a Balanced Diet

While grains stripped of their nutrients, known as refined grains, hold no nutritional value, whole grains are an especially vital part of a balanced diet. Grains are an important source of healthy complex carbohydrates as well as other crucial vitamins and minerals. Grains are a staple of a healthy diet and you should make sure […]

Grief vs. Depression—What Is (or Is There) a Difference?

In the past, psychologists and laymen alike have made clear distinctions between grief and depression. Grief is a state of sadness and pain that is triggered by an event that is a loss, such as a death in the family. It is a kind of depression but it is not the same as depression. Depression, […]

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

If you are trying to lose weight or are simply interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then regular exercise is a key ingredient in their recipe of goal achievement. However, many of us are struggling with lives that are increasingly busy and, consequently, we see our free time diminish as our responsibilities increase. This is […]

Leaky Bowel Syndrome

Leaky bowel syndrome is a health problem that is often overlooked by the medical community, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t ubiquitous; indeed, many practitioners of both alternative and mainstream medicine believe that millions of people worldwide suffer from this chronic and debilitating condition. According to MD James A. Ferrel, leaky gut syndrome “may be […]

Zyban as a Quit Smoking Method

Zyban is a pill that supposedly helps you quit smoking. It is also a dangerous drug and associated with fatalities among is users. It is alarming to think that these days, mainstream medicine and the media feel it is perfectly ok to market dangerous drugs as a method of stopping the deadly practice of tobacco […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic programming is a concept that you may or may not have heard of but learning more about it could change your life.  Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is a system that explores the dynamics between mind, language, and behavior in human beings. It is a method of helping humans achieve their best self and is […]

The Truth About Secondhand Smoke

If you are a regular smoker and are hesitant to quit then consider this: You habit is not only harming your body, it is also harming the bodies of those around you—especially the people you love most like family and friends. Smokers harm those in the surrounding environment via secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is the […]

Smoking Cessation: Gradual Withdrawal Vs. Cold Turkey

There are many strategies that you can use to help with smoking cessation, but two of the most prominent ways of kicking the tobacco habit are quitting cold turkey and quitting by way of gradual withdrawal. Both can be successful but both can also fail. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of […]

Champix as a Quit Smoking Method

Millions of smokers around the world are looking for a way to put out the last cigarette for good. Unfortunately, when it comes to smoking cessation, there seem to be as many strategies for quitting smoking as there are smokers. So how does a smoker know what to do? It can feel confusing and overwhelming […]

Why Hasn’t the Government Banned Cigarettes?

The fact that smoking is deadly is no secret. It has become such widespread knowledge that it is now a platitude repeated over and over again in schools, at the doctor’s office, and even on TV. Yet as self-evident as the dangers of smoking are, cigarettes are still as easy to get as a bottle […]

Are You Infertile Because You Smoke?

Infertility is not an issue that only women worry about; men can also contribute to a couple’s inability to conceive a baby. Many people, smokers and non smokers alike, do not realize that smoking cigarettes impairs fertility in both men and women. If you are a smoker and are interested in having children then pay […]

What are Healthy pH Levels in the Body?

When you hear the term pH level, you are probably transported back to some vague memory from high school science class but most people are not aware of how important it is for them to have a good understanding of how the pH levels in their physical bodies work. Failing to know how important the […]

How does smoking affect your sleep?

There are many things that can disturb our sleep patterns, from sleep apnea to stress. Chronic sleep loss can cause many issues such as weight gain, a weakened immune system, depression, and chronic fatigue. Many people don’t realize how fragile our ability to sleep really is; it can be easily disturbed by anything. This includes […]

The Truth About Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Study confirms nicotine replacement therapies are not effective—what a shock! A recent study conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health and the University of Massachusetts Boston confirmed what many people fighting on the front lines of the smoking cessation battle already knew or suspected: Nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), such as gum or the […]

Rationalization: The Smoking Blame Game

Smokers tend to have many excuses for why they started smoking and why they can’t stop. One of the most common ways that smokers deflect their role in their own smoking habit is by blaming it on others. You have probably heard a smoker say at one point or another that they started smoking because […]

Pasteurized Milk and Multiple Sclerosis

Dairy is often promoted as a major source of the nutrition that we need but at the same time it is also one of the most prevalent causes of allergies in humans. Lactose intolerance is a widespread phenomenon and many people also feel that milk just does not agree with their digestive systems. The main […]

History of Smoking

Smoking is an ancient practice and it has been around nearly as long as humans themselves. Various cultures have smoked various plants around the world, but the use of tobacco for smoking can be traced back to South America as early as 3000-5000 BC. With such a long history of use, it is no wonder […]

Closet Smokers and Their Burden of Secrecy

Despite the fact that smoking is still widely prevalent and Big Tobacco company hasn’t relinquished the will to continue marketing its products, cigarettes have actually become quite taboo in recent years. Whereas they were a status symbol in the 1950’s and 60’s (Think of a chain smoking Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or any […]

The Dangers Of Fructose Sweeteners

Many people have a sweet tooth, but a good rule of thumb with food is that the sweeter it tastes, the less likely it is to be good for you. In the 1970’s the food industry, especially the U.S. industry, began using high fructose corn syrup as a substitute for raw sugar as a sweetener. […]

Avoiding The Weight Pitfalls Of Smoking Cessation

If you are a smoker or you know a smoker, then you know that when it comes to quitting smokers always have an excuse, a reason for why they just aren’t quite ready to give up tobacco. One of the most common excuses smokers use to avoid putting out that last cigarette is weight gain. […]

Smoker’s Cough Is Not An Excuse—It Is Never Too Late To Quit Smoking

Smokers have a plethora of excuses when it comes to avoiding smoking cessation. Some laud the spuriously positive benefits of smoking (haven’t you heard? It makes you lose weight!) and some sink into a nihilistic pit, resigning themselves to the fact that they have already ruined their bodies. Many people who have developed a smoker’s […]

Vitamin C, E, and B. What About Vitamin D?

You have probably heard a lot about vitamin C, vitamin E, and maybe even vitamin B. But have you heard much about vitamin D and its role in maintaining a healthy, functioning body? Vitamin D is one of the unsung heroes of mineral supplements, and it plays a crucial part in boosting your body’s immune […]

Can Your Diet Help You Overcome MS?

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that damages the axons around the brain and spinal cord and disrupts their ability to communicate with each other, leading to a variety of degenerative symptoms such as inflammation, neurological problems, and muscle spasms.  It typically appears in early adulthood and more common among women than men.  Many doctors […]

Why Do Doctors Claim That Smoking Is Addictive?

There are has been an increasingly large divide developing in the medical community surrounding the concept that smoking is an addiction. Some doctors and scientists; such as researchers at the University of Tel Aviv, claim that smoking is merely a habit and that tobacco is not in itself addictive. On the other side, many doctors, […]

Manage Your Weight With Hypnosis

There are many strategies that people employ to lose weight, some effective and other just false fads (think crash diets). The truth behind weight loss is that it is about forming and maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits-there is not magic way to lose weight, it is a matter of discipline and effort. One way […]

In Depth With Diabetes

Diabetes is a common disorder that affects at least 346 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization. It is the most common of the endocrine disorders and at its most basic level, it is the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or respond to insulin which results in a person having very high […]

Get Rid of the Bloats Today!

All of us have been bloated at one point or another in our lives, and it is definitely not a pleasant feeling. You are taken over by sluggishness, pressure, discomfort, and maybe even the sense that you are swelling up like a human balloon. There are various medical conditions that lead to chronic bloating, such […]

Healthy Family Communication

A good flow of communication is one of the building blocks of healthy relationships with people we care about. This is especially true of family. When families are able to talk openly and honestly with each other, they both parents and children are able to build mutual respect and trust between each other. Everyone is […]

Communication at the Basic Level

At its most basic definition, communication is the exchange of information between two parties. It is a two-way system; it always needs a sender of the information and a recipient of the information. When you tell me something and I hear and receive it, that it the act of communicating. When a president addresses a […]

Pregnant? Is Exercise Right for You?

Many women worry about the weight gain that is inextricable with pregnancy. You often hear women talking about their bodies before and after baby, and how pregnancy really wreaked havoc on their body’s shape and their ability to lose weight. Since we live in such a body-image obsessed world, in which flawlessly skinny celebrities are […]

Skipping Breakfast Is Not A Weight Control Method

Many people are looking for the ultimate diet, usually as a means of avoiding the harsh, time-consuming reality of exercise. It doesn’t help that the media is obsessed with promoting not only flawlessly skinny body images, but “easy” diets that supposedly involve little or no work. A diet in and of itself isn’t a bad […]

The Connection Between Weight And Depression

The medical and psychological communities are starting to come around to a more holistic idea when viewing illnesses of the body and mind: our body and mind are not separate compartments, they have a constant connection and influence on one another. For this reason, many people now recognize that physical problems can start in the […]

Sodium Bicarbonate Is Not Just For Making Cookies

Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound and is naturally a component of the mineral natron, although it can be produced artificially as well. You may know it by more familiar names: baking soda, bread soda, and cooking soda. Sodium bicarbonate is frequently used in cooking, but it has other uses as well and some of […]

Healing Properties of Vitamin C

You always hear that you need vitamin C, get enough vitamin C, vitamin C is a cure-all etc. But do you really know much about it, other than the general idea that it is good for you? This vitamin is one of the most important nutrients that humans and animals need to survive. Known also […]

What Is Colloidal Silver And Is It Safe?

Many people have become increasingly suspicious of medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, especially since it is inextricably entwined with the corporate money chase. Many drugs promoted by the pharmaceutical industry have caused serious health problems, and even fatalities, so it is no wonder that alternative medicine has become a popular health and wellness method […]

Vitamin D Can Do So Much For Your Health

Our bodies require many vitamins and minerals in order to function properly and sustain the various metabolic processes that keep up healthy and fit. One vitamin that is especially important for our physiology is Vitamin D, and there are many health benefits associated with the intake of Vitamin D. Vitamin D supports the following processes […]

Healthy Eating Pitfalls For Teenagers

Do teenagers need to eat more or differently than adults? In short: yes. The teen years are a time of rapid body development and physical activity, so teenagers need a daily increase of calories, minerals, and vitamins. Teenagers have raging hormones and resultant mood swings, so it is important that they do not miss out […]

Obesity And Heart Disease: Know The Risks

With so many people suffering from obesity these days, particularly in developed nations, it is important to understand the health risks surrounding excess weight gain. Obesity wreaks havoc on your physical body, and damages your mental state of mind; the cardiovascular problems associated with obesity affect both your physiological and neurological capacities, leading to issues […]

What Is Metabolism And How Does It Affect Your Body?

You have probably heard a lot of people in good or bad shape saying stuff like “oh my metabolism is just slow” or “oh I just have a really good metabolism.”  Most people refer to their metabolism when talking about physical health and fitness, but do you really know what metabolism is and what it […]

Is Health A Choice?

Health is a term that is constantly referenced in modern society. It’s most basic definition is the state of being free from illness or injury, according to Merriam Webster, but it has become a very flexible adjective for describing a multiplicity of things: we can talk about healthy people, healthy animals, healthy relationships, governments that function in […]

What role should fast food play in our lives?

Junk food, fast food, processed food—whatever you choose to call it, it is everywhere. The proliferation of fast food across the globe has caused a sharp increase in obesity, particularly in the Western world, and according to the Australian government nearly 25% of Australian youth are considered overweight. Whether or not fast food is good […]

What Is the Thyroid and How Does It Affect Our Weight?

You have probably heard of the thyroid, but do you know how it affects your health? More specifically, do you understand how it controls your weight? Let’s take a closer look at what the thyroid is and exactly how it contribute to weight fluctuations in order to better understand the way our bodies regulate weight […]

Parenting Methods for the Modern Parent

For the majority of human history, parenting was an intuitive process, but in the modern world parents want to know how to parent. Many people approach parenting the same way they approach school and careers: with a manual. This has made child development and psychology a lucrative filed, as evidenced by the never ending lists […]

About Liver Disease

Liver disease is an umbrella term for the wide-ranging number of disorders that can affect the liver. Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Cancer, and Gilbert’s syndrome are just a few of the diseases that can hinder your liver’s ability to properly process and regulate the toxins in your body. Liver problems are often hereditary, but they can also […]

Hypnosis As Weight Loss Management

There are a plethora of weight loss management methods, but one that you might not know much about is hypnosis. There are many negative stereotypes surrounding hypnosis: that it is mind-control, a magic trance, or that is simply hodge-podge that doesn’t work. However, hypnosis is a genuine therapeutic practice that can be used to treat […]

Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Moms and Babies

If you have just welcomed your little one into the world, then it is important that you remember to eat healthy in all the hullaballoo surrounding a new baby. A nutritious diet is crucial for breast-feeding moms because they are the vesicles of nutrients at a time when crucial physical and psychological developments are taking […]

What Fuels Our Love Affair With Junk Food?

It is no secret that people love junk food. Aside from the high rates of obesity sweeping across the Western world, evidence of our worship at the junk food alter is displayed in the amount of fast food chains and companies churning out sugary sweets and processed salty snacks. We all know that there are […]

What Is Obesity and Why Is It So Dangerous?

The word obesity is thrown around a lot today, especially in relation to the affluent lifestyles that are typical in the Western world. More money means more food, and it has now gotten to the point where more money means too much food; according a recent data collected by the BBC, between 30-40% of adults […]

Why Is It Such a Struggle to Lose Weight?

In a world where people are obsessed with being skinny, yet strangely seem to trend towards packing on the pounds, weight loss is a hot topic. Obesity levels are skyrocketing among children and adults alike, and everyone wants to find the super diet that will help them trim down to a super model figure. However, […]

Anxiety Is Common, But It Doesn’t Have to Control Your Life

Anxiety disorders are extremely common, especially in modern Western societies. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly 14% of Australians are affected by some kind of anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are nothing to be ashamed of, and if you suffer from anxiety the good news is it does not have to rule your life: […]

How Important Is Healthy Eating During Your Pregnancy?

If there is one time in your life during which it is crucial to have a healthy diet it is during pregnancy. Fetal development depends on not only the health of the mother, but also what she is putting into her body. Toxins and preservatives hinder the fetuses ability to develop healthily during pregnancy, and […]

7 Housekeeping Tips for Busy Parents

In the modern world, housekeeping has become an incredible hassle, not only because both mums and dads have entered the work force, but also because consumerism has made a wide array of material items accessible-our homes are usually crammed full with a stunning variety of things from TVs to toothbrush holders. Running a household is […]

Build Better Connections With Your Foster Kids

Being a foster parent is a demanding and rewarding job. You take vulnerable, delicate, and often sad and hurting children into your home and try your best to provide them with the love, security, and support they need to have a chance for a better life, a life that is characterized by the aforementioned values. […]

How to Be a Good Step-Dad

These days, blended families are the rule and not the exception; many children are growing up in homes that feature some conglomeration of step-parents, half-siblings, full siblings, step-siblings, and biological parents. Yet despite the widespread social acceptance of blended families, the fact remains that there is often tension between step-parents and step-children; no matter how […]

Do Almonds Really Help Lower Your Cholesterol?

Nuts are high in fat, so it seems counter intuitive that eating a handful of roasted almonds could lead to lower cholesterol levels, but according to a study authored by Dr. David J.A. Jenkins at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada, eating almonds daily positively affects the lipid levels in your blood and can reduce […]

Your Grandchildren Help You Age With Vitality

These days, aging is not something that people should dread-it is a part of life to look forward to and it is time to embrace aging with vitality! One important part of aging with vitality is staying both mentally and physically active, and one way seniors can do this is by taking advantage of their […]

What Is It About Teenage Girls That Makes Them So Difficult?

Ah the teenage years. They creep up on parents out of nowhere, and explode with a hard slap of reality in the face, usually in the form of moody behavior, snide comments, and flurries of rolled eyes. Children who once worshiped and idolized their parents suddenly recoil at the thought spending time with them or […]

Why Are We Seeing an Explosion in ADHD Among Children?

For as long as it has been around, ADHD has been a controversial diagnosis. Many people, parents and grandparents in particular, wonder why there were no ADHD children in their classrooms when they were children and now suddenly they seem to be everywhere. What has changed so much about children and where did ADHD come […]

Testimonials – Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes

Being a smoker is not easy in todays society. It is no longer “cool” to be a smoker and it is becoming more and more difficult to find a suitable location to hide and have a smoke. Christine was one of these people and approached Maureen to help her to quit smoking and become a […]

Interviews – Demartini Method®

Just recently a group of Nine Demartini Method® Facilitators got together to create the Brisbane Stress Busters to assist people who have suffered as a result of the disasters that hit Queensland earlier in the yea, particularly in Brisbane itself.  With the cooperation of The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Peter Persale the first workshop was […]

NLP Master Practitioner

As a Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist using hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, assisting people overcome their smoking habit, has been an amazing journey. I love talking to people and hearing their stories and knowing that at the end of their session they will be a non smoker. Just recently I was […]