Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quitting smoking can be such a challenge for many people. They may not have tried the quit smoking hypnosis.

They may have tried other methods and sometimes these work, quite successfully. Although some have had to make considerable sacrifices and gone through difficulties while using the product. Some experience nightmares, nausea and a number of other side effects.

Thankfully the quit smoking hypnosis works so well that people are non smokers at the end of just one session. The usual comment is that it was such a relaxing experience. Better still, they report back months, years later that they never felt like a cigarette again after their quit smoking hypnosis session.

Sadly though using other methods, many fall back into becoming a smoker again, maybe 1 week later and some many years later. The most important message is that smoking is a habit. We are all told and led to believe that smoking is an addiction. So why is so hard to quit smoking?

When do People Start Smoking?

Teens Smoking will need to Quit Smoking Hypnosis later

Teenagers Smoking Cigarettes will need to Quit Smoking Hypnosis in the future

This is a question we could ask ourselves, that is if we ever smoked. You may have started smoking in your teenage years. That is the time when we desire to be an adult. Of course it is often due to peer pressure or just experimenting. Teenagers often feel as though they are invincible and “smoking won’t hurt me!” and this is a frequent comment. Perhaps you can relate to this.

Of course you may have coughed and spluttered but eventually you decided you enjoyed it. The unconscious mind is there to keep us happy. So once it registers you enjoy smoking, it puts it in as a habit. Of course, the more you smoke, the stronger that habit becomes. So where is the habit stored? In the unconscious mind. This is why, when using quit smoking hypnosis, it is so successful. While you are in that relaxed state of hypnosis, I can talk to the unconscious mind and give it the message that you want to be a non smoker.

Is Smoking an Addiction or a Habit?

I had a conversation with a doctor a number of years ago regarding this message. He came in to do the quit smoking hypnosis too.

Dr Advising to use Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Dr and partner encouraging patient to quit smoking with hypnosis

However he was not convinced that it wasn’t an addiction. I went through and explained and reasoned why it cannot be an addiction.

Our conversation went like this – “No doubt doctor you have cared for many patients who have been addicted, perhaps it was drugs or perhaps alcohol. We both know that after a number of hours, they need a “fix”. So how is it that you came into my practice a smoker and two hours later you walk out a non-smoker, NO cravings. So how can this be an addiction?” His response was, “Hmmm ok”. He did walk out a very happy non-smoker.

The problem with nicotine is that it suppresses the emotions. So when trying to quit smoking, those old emotions of anger, sadness, guilt etc may emerge so the person may feel angry, sad or guilty etc. This is discussed during the quit smoking hypnosis session. Anyone who needs additional support due to any of these The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is a wonderful way to address any anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks and other emotional issues. A holistic approach is taken to all the therapies provided and especially Quit Smoking Hypnosis.

How Can I Stop Smoking

Quit Smoking Hypnosis and Now Non Smoker

Now a non smoker due to Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnosis is truly one of the best methods to become a non-smoker. In fact, I would have to say it is the best method. It is so relaxing, and everyone loves it.

So when you think it is going to be hard to quit smoking with hypnosis, because it is such a strong addiction, remember this story. Don’t wait until ill health creeps in. Take action now before it is too late.

Call 1300 619 684 and book your quit smoking hypnosis session today. You will feel such a relief knowing you are in control and will be a non smoker. Alternatively you might like to book online so you can choose your date and time. I look forward to seeing you and assisting you to become a non smoker at the end of your quit smoking hypnosis session.