Smoking and Cardiac Arrhythmias: What You Need To Know

Smoking is incredibly damaging to the human heart. Whether contributing to heart disease, heart attacks, or other circulatory problems, tobacco smoke is a deadly poison for the cardiovascular system and it is imperative that people quit smoking in order to save their lives.

Depressed as he would like to quit

Depressed man smoking cigarette

What is Cardiac Arrhythmia

One cardiovascular aspect of smoking that is discussed less often than the others is the cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia is common. It is quite normal to have the occasional irregular heart beat due to occasionally wacky electrical impulses coursing through the veins. However, cardiac arrhythmia can also become chronic and may signal more serious cardiovascular problems. And chronic cardiac arrhythmia  is very often caused by smoking.

Smoking can cause cardiac arrhythmias because it is a stimulant that makes the heart beat faster and more irregularly. Chronic cardiac arrhythmias can be very uncomfortable: dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches and racing heart beats are all symptoms that can be bothersome and even alarming when occurring constantly.

Quit Smoking to Stop the Cardiac Arrhythmia

The good news is that cardiac arrhythmia can be eradicated when smokers quit; over time, the body heals and the cardiovascular system gets back on track.  In fact, quitting smoking can reduce the risk of death by cardiovascular disease by nearly 50%!

Getting rid of cardiac arrhythmias means quitting smoking, but this can very often feel harder than climbing Mt. Everest. As a psychosocial habit, the need to smoke is deeply habituated and it takes a lot of patience, willpower and commitment to quit.

Luckily, there are a variety of quit smoking methods available to make tobacco cessation easier. One such method is quit smoking hypnosis, which gets to the root of the smoking habit. It allows smokers to re-wire their beliefs relative to cigarettes so that they no longer depend on them for emotional gratification or stress relief. Quit smoking hypnosis is easy. Of course the long-term health benefits, such as reduced cardiac arrhythmia makes it definitely worth the effort.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me

If you are seeking help or experiencing the frustration of being a smoker, then reach out and make contact. The Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton says her greatest love is to see just one more person being taken from the crutches of the cigarette companies and being free of this killing habit. You are also given a Lifetime Guarantee. This means if you ever smoke again, you can come back for another session and there is no charge to you. Maureen can be contacted on 1300 619 684 or alternatively you can make your booking online and set your date to become a non smoker for life and in only one easy session.