February 3, 2019

Smoking – Myths vs Facts

Quit Smoking and Help your Skin and Body

Quit Smoking and Help your Skin and Body

Everyone knows smoking is bad for them. For decades people have known about the dangers of smoking and how it affects their lives. Knowing the dangers, still many of the smokers are not ready to quit smoking. The reason is due to the common fears and misconceptions related to quitting smoking. Luckily, most of these fears are mere myths and are highly overstated.

Myth – Quitting Smoking will result in Weight Gain

Weight gain can be a side effect for quitting smoking. Nicotine in the cigarettes is an appetite suppressant; hence one loses weight while smoking regularly. However, eating a healthy and balanced diet, followed up with a regular exercise routine, will ensure you do not gain weight on quitting smoking. According to the National Institute of Health, people gain around 5 to 10 kilos in first few months after they quit smoking. However this gain is insignificant to the health problems as compared to the ill effects of smoking.

Myth – Smoking relaxes, reduces stress

The deceptive calming effect one feels after smoking, is actually the relief received from symptoms like irritability, anxiety and restlessness, which are caused due to nicotine withdrawal. Actually the body experiences increasing stress from the regular break periods in the day between the cigarettes smoked. And after this withdrawal period, a smoke gives the smoker a calming effect, making them feel stress-free and relaxed. While you may feel stress and anxiety when you quit smoking, in the long run you will suffer less from stress levels and anxiety, once the nicotine withdrawal symptoms are over.

Myth – Healthy diet and regular exercise will neutralize ill effects of the smoking habit

There is no diet and exercise regime in the world which can neutralize or reverse the ill effects of smoking on your body. The protection which you get as a result of a healthy life, is nothing as compared to the dangerous effects smoking has on your life.

Myth – Smoking socially is not harmful

Any amount of smoking, whether regularly or only on occasions socially, is harmful. Some people believe they do not have a smoking habit, they only smoke once in a while in the company of their friends. One needs to understand that even low levels of smoking can have serious health consequences, and not to forget the dangers of second hand smoke, if you are in a smoking circle socially.

Myth – Quit Smoking Programs do not work

Most of the smokers believe that they won’t be able to quit smoking and all the quit smoking exercises and programs are only a waste of money and time. That is not true, if you have the will power and are willing to quit this deadly habit, you can surely do so. Hypnosis can help you quit smoking in only 60 minutes. Just as healthy habits can be developed, you can also get rid of your smoking habit, under the guidance of a Hypnotherapist.

Maureen Hamilton- Hypnotherapist

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