Quit Smoking is not always easy

Indeed that can be said of many people who struggle every day to quit. Remember when you first started smoking and it was so revolting. Then we persevered until we were hooked and enjoying it.

Depressed as he would like to quit

Depressed man smoking cigarette

Looking back there are many reasons why people smoke – peer pressure; parents smoked so it was a natural progression for yourself; loved the social interaction.

Are you a still smoking and either enjoying a cigarette or perhaps struggling to quit smoking?

Do you ever feel hurt or annoyed when you see people turn their noses up when they see or smell your smoking? You ask yourself, “How do they know how I feel?” Or more importantly, “It’s none of their business if I smoke. I can do what I like – it is my body.”

Or perhaps you are saying to yourself, “If only they knew how hard it is for me to quit smoking?”

Which phrase relates to you?

For some people, quitting smoking on their own is easy. On the other hand, it is one of the most difficult things they have ever had to do. Even quitting dope seems easy compared to quitting smoking.

People have often tried so many ways to quit – tablets, NRT or nicotine replacement therapy such as patches or sprays, cold turkey just to name a few. Yet they continue to smoke. Often feeling like a failure. Of course they are not a failure. This is what we call feedback. Smoking is frequently being classed as an addiction however it is more of a habit.

Where are our habits stored?

Our habits are stored in the unconscious mind.
So how do we change those habits? The most successful way to change those habits is with hypnosis. While a person is in that relaxed state of hypnosis the habits that have been stored there for years and years can be changed in one short session. Hypnosis is a trance like state where the person is relaxed and the therapist can speak to the unconscious mind.

So the question may be asked if hypnosis can help everyone.

As a rule yes as we are all in and out of trance throughout the day. There may be some people who may be challenged to be hypnotised.

With Quitting smoking or hypnosis in any therapeutic occasion, the most important requirement is for the person to want to let go of their habit. Hypnotherapists are not magicians although some people feel they must be due to the amazing changes people experience.

Are you willing to let smoking cigarettes continue to control YOUR LIFE? 

If  not – Book  your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

You will know for yourself that at the end of the session, you are now a non-smoker.

You won’t feel as if you are giving anything up, or having to cope with not having cigarettes.

You will be satisfied and happy that you have now done what so many people only wish to do.

So what are you waiting for??

Start Now on Your journey to be a non-smoker

Book  your appointment today and make that commitment to be free from the smoking habit.  You can also call 1300 619 684 (It will be answered with Master Your Life Power, Life Coach to Quit Smoking)

Customer Testimonials

Hi Maureen, You worked your wonders on me on the 16th of January 2013 for smoking and guess what? I haven’t had a smoke or even felt like one! It is truly amazing after smoking for over 30 years I am no longer a slave to the smokes. I feel better (although I was a bit grumpy for a week or so) but that has passed, I can breathe better and my cough has gone. But food tastes so much better so I am trying to watch what I eat. I do get a craving every now and then and it goes as quick as it come…
Giovanni (John) Castellana
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