Smoking and the Muscular System: The Facts

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The muscular system allows the body to move, pumps blood and helps human beings have an upright posture. It is comprised of a critically important group of muscles (which are also organs) that are can be terribly damaged when exposed to cigarettes smoke—just another one of the many important reasons to quit smoking.

The muscular system can be divided into 3 parts: skeletal muscles, smooth muscles and cardiac muscles. Smoking damages all three:

  • Skeletal Muscles: Skeletal muscles or striated muscles are typically long and are attached to the bones; these are the muscles that allow us to move. Smoking, however, both damages the formation and maintenance of striated muscles because it inhibits connective tissue, such as collagen-based tendons, to regenerate or form. This can lead to a variety of unpleasant neuromuscular diseases.
  • Smooth Muscles: Smooth muscles are found in many of the body’s vital organs: the male and female reproductive system, blood vessels, arteries, the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, etc. When exposed to tobacco smoke, smooth muscle no longer obtains the oxygen and nutrients it needs to function optimally; this can lead to bad cholesterol and hypertension.
  • Cardiac Muscles: Cardiac muscles are the muscles located in the heart. Smoking suffocates the cells in these muscles and changes the composition of hemoglobin in the blood, causing the long-term development of cardiovascular disease.

Clearly, smoking is toxic for the muscular system; the only way to avoid the damages listed above is to quit smoking—as soon as a smoker quits, the body gets on the path to healing.

Quitting smoking, however, is not an easy task. It becomes so deeply habituated into the psyche, making it difficult for smokers to give up the emotional gratification that they have attached to cigarettes. But quitting smoking can be done; it is a psychosocial habit that can be conquered. One way to beat the smoking demons is to engage in quit smoking hypnosis. Quit smoking hypnosis uses the principles of hypnosis to re-wire smokers’ brains with new, healthy beliefs so they no longer need cigarettes for psychological soothing; they can learn to sooth and comfort themselves in a way that is nurturing to the body and soul.

Smoking is a psychosocial habit and it will destroy your muscular system—but only if you let it. The power to quit smoking rests in your hands and your hands alone. If you, or someone you know, are struggling with a smoking habit, please contact me. You can also check us out on Twitter and Facebook to ask for advice or share your own tips on how to stay tobacco free.

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Hi Maureen. Just a quick note to say thank you. I have not had even a puff of cigarette since our session on 10 May 14. Any desire or thought flits straight out again. This is certainly a much less painful way to stop smoking. I recommend you to anyone who is interested, even had someone ask about weight loss. Hope all is well for you. Regards
Gail Wilshire
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