Will my skin improve after quitting smoking?


The health benefits associated with smoking cessation are plentiful. When people quit smoking, they lower their risk of heart disease, various cancers, emphysema, diabetes and indigestion. They also begin to see a marked improvement in their physical appearance, particularly the skin.

Smoking is terrible for the skin—there is no way around it. Tobacco smokes causes rapid aging that results in pallid, yellow, wrinkly, hanging skin. The good news is, however, that as soon people quit smoking, their skin will begin to improve in the following ways:

  • A healthier glow: skin that is no longer subjected to the toxins of tobacco smoke will begin to look healthy again; the greyish, yellowish tint to the face will be replaced with a natural, healthy glow. This is because the blood flow to the skin increases and the skin can once again be nourished by oxygen and nutrients.
  •  Back to elastic: When people quit smoking the elasticity gradually returns to their skin. This is because of increased blood flow and oxygen to the skin and the pores. Smoking cessation results in fewer wrinkles, more firmness and skin that does not hang in unsightly places.
  • Nice smell: Smoking actually causes the skin to emit more unpleasant odours. When people quit smoking, the strong odours (like those wafting out when a person sweats) are mitigated and that “smoker’s smell” disappears for good.

Above are the main ways that the skin improves when people quit smoking. Since the skin is plays such a central role in the way that people are visually perceived, it is important for many people to have healthy, glowing skin as a sign of self-care and confidence. The only way for smoker’s to get their skin health again is to quit, but many people hooked on the tobacco habit find this very difficult.

The good news is that there are many ways that people can kick their toxic cigarette habit. For example, people can enlist the services of quit smoking hypnosis in order to completely change their thought patterns so that they can learn to make healthier choices. Many people who smoke continue because they associate certain positive emotional and social situations with cigarettes. Hypnotherapy helps people to re-wire their thinking and feeling so they no longer become dependent on the false positives they associate with smoking. Thus, it is an effective treatment method that seeks the root of the problem for long-term health.

Customer Testimonials

I am so glad I came too see Maureen to become a non smoker with hypnosis because it was extremely helpful, easy and well presented. Best of all I am now a non smoker after many years smoking and having tried everything else.
Therese Williams
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