Does Australia’s Strict Approach to Tobacco Advertising actually Help People Quit Smoking?

Australia is one of the world leaders in the war against tobacco advertising.

Quit Smoking and take control of your life.

Big Tobacco and their convincing advertising.

Power of the Tobacco Industry

The idea has been that to help people quit smoking, the tobacco advertising industry must have its wings clipped. It has been illegal to advertise tobacco products on the radio and television since 1976 and in 1990 it became illegal to promote tobacco in Australian magazines and newspapers. The Tobacco Advertising Prohibition of 1992 now bans most forms of tobacco advertising, and plain packaging cigarettes became law in November 2011. This created a landmark legal challenge lodged by Big Tobacco in which Australia won.

Definite Changes

Australia is indeed a bellwether of global anti-tobacco initiatives, but do these efforts really help its populace quit smoking? According to the New South Wales Cancer Council, Australians have quit smoking in dramatic numbers, particularly Australian men. In 1945, approximately 72% of Australian men were regular smokers and 26% of Australian women smoked. Contrast these numbers with recent Australian statistics: In 2007, 18.6% of Australian men were regular smokers and 14.5% of women were regular smokers. On the surface, and when the entire populace is taken into account, it looks as though clamping down on the tobacco industry’s ability to advertise freely has massive amounts of people to quit smoking, and this is true.  But a deeper look at the statistics reveals a troubling trend: smoking rates in Australia are highest among both the youth and aboriginals.  The highest smoking rates among non-indigenous Australians are men aged 18-24 (34%) and women aged 25-34 (27%). Among the indigenous population, smoking rates are even higher, hovering steadily around 50%. This may be due to their disenfranchisement, but they are subjected to the same lack of tobacco advertising as the non-indigenous population, so something else is at play here because both young non-indigenous and indigenous Australians have not quit smoking—they have continued to inhale.

Disturbing Trends

What do these disturbing trends among Australian youth say about Australia’s strict curbing of tobacco advertising? If the Australian youth, a generation that has grown up under these strict regulations, are the primary smokers in Australia, then something must be amiss. The problem likely lies in the fact that too much emphasis is being placed on Big Tobacco and not enough is placed on the personal responsibility each person has in shaping their own tobacco use habits.  It is very easy to point the finger as long as we don’t have to point the finger at ourselves and today’s youth are accustomed to laying the blame for their behavior on external influences. But external influences do not force the habit of smoking—they merely influence.  If a person wants to quit smoking, they must make it a personal priority. It is an excellent thing that Australia places so much emphasis on taking the legs out from underneath tobacco advertising, but there needs to be more emphasis placed on the role that personal responsibility has in helping people quit smoking. A smoking commercial might show us cigarettes, but we are the ones who hold the lighters.

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Impact of Plain Packaging on Smokers

Quit Smoking and Help your Skin and Body

Quit Smoking and Help your Skin and Body

Despite vehement global anti-smoking efforts over the past several decades, cigarette smoking is proving extremely difficult to eradicate. According to the World Health

Organization, there are nearly 1 billion smokers on the planet and that number is increasing.

Australia Takes the First Step to Block Smoking

Australia recently became the first country to up the ante in the cigarette smoking war with proposed legislation that would require tobacco companies to sell plain packaged cigarettes to consumers. Plain packaged cigarettes are covered in macabre images of the health damages associated with smoking and large, printed health warnings. Advertising is diminished by the printing of the brand name in simple, white font.

The bill was introduced by Australia’s Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon, who stated that “this plain packaging legislation is a world first and sends a clear message that the glamour is gone. Cigarette packs will now only show the death and disease that can come from smoking.”

Impact of Plain Packaging on Smokers?

Will it really curtail cigarette smoking, or is it just another idealistic attempt to control the human propensity for vice?

Probably a mixture of both. Researchers believe that plain packaging has the potential to be an excellent weapon against cigarette smoking because it hits the tobacco industry right where it counts: advertising.

According to a study released by Quit Victoria in May 2011, the tobacco industry “uses cigarette pack technologies and innovations in design to communicate particular attributes about each brand and by extension the personality and social status of its users.”

Put simply, the cigarette package has become the tobacco industry’s central marketing tool. Although there has never been a legislated implementation of plain packaging, which Quit Victoria readily points out, they go on to claim that “plain and generic packaging, made cigarettes less attractive and appealing”. This is based on the hypothetical findings of an expert panel of the Canadian Department of Health in 1995. In essence, the argument is strip away the tobacco industry’s marketing ability and allure of cigarette smoking fades away into the grotesque images on plain packages tobacco.

Will Plain Packaging Work

While plain packaging will no doubt help make cigarette smoking a much more unpleasant experience, it is not likely to dramatically decrease the number of smokers worldwide because the decision to smoke ultimately rests with each individual.

Warning labels on cigarette packages have been around for years and that still has abolished the cigarette smoking trend-many smokers even laugh off the platitudes plastered onto their packages such as “smoking is lethal” or “smoking can lead to a slow and painful death.”

It is a good and necessary thing to clip the wings of the insidious tobacco marketers. As evidenced by tobacco warning labels, people often need a more personal impetus to give up bad habits. One such impetus is money-the more tobacco is taxed and the more expensive it is, the more likely people are to stop using it. Warnings are a good deterrent, and should be used, but the ultimate way to stop cigarette smoking is to pick people’s pockets.

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Second Hand Smoke Worse Than Smoking – Quit Smoking

Secondhand smoke is dangerous

Effects of smoking on Children

Everyone knows that smoking is one of the most deadly and harmful habits one can develop.  Each time a person lights a cigarette and inhales they are inhaling around 4000 chemicals and toxins. Being around this tobacco smoke is equally bad for non smokers who are in close proximity. It is harmful and dangerous when someone is around a person smoking a cigarette. Much of the toxin loaded smoke does not enter their lungs, it is spread in the air. Any person in the vicinity of a person smoking also inhales these toxins and chemicals as they breathe the polluted air.

Secondhand smoke and its impact:

Smoking is banned in most public places. However people are still exposed to secondhand smoke. Children of parents who smoke are the biggest victims of second hand smoke. People who try to be responsible and avoid smoking in public places, end up smoking indoors in rooms. They do not realize that these closed rooms get clogged with harmful smoke, where children and babies are forced to breathe. It is believed that children and babies who inhale cigarette smoke in a closed room, inhale smoke equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes.

Diseases affecting children caused by secondhand smoke

Science says that the breathing rate of children and infants is much faster as compared to adults. While normal adults take around 12-20 breaths per minute, babies and children take almost 20-60 breaths. This means that children and babies will inhale more toxic smoke each minute as compared to adults.

Children exposed to secondhand smoke face the risk of having:

  • Issues related to respiratory system including asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchiolitis.
  • Frequent bouts of colds and coughs
  • Middle ear infections
  • Increased chances of suffering from cancer in childhood and/or adulthood.

Quit Smoking, if not for you for others

If anything is stopping you from making the decision to quit smoking, think about the impact of secondhand smoke on the people around you, especially children. The effects of secondhand smoke on children will give you the will power to deter yourself from picking up a cigarette. Remember, smoking is a habit. Our body does not get addicted to nicotine. Our powerful mind is trying to keep you happy and believes that smoking is doing exactly that.

To overcome this habit, one will need to learn to control their mind.  This is where help from a hypnotherapist will be useful to aid you when you decided to quit smoking. A hypnotherapist will assist you by talking to your unconscious mind while you are in that relaxed state of hypnosis, giving it the message you no longer want to be a smoker.

A hypnotherapist will help you re-build new healthy habits around smoking so that you do not want a smoke. If you are determined to quit smoking and are really concerned for the people around you, do consider the hypnotherapy option so you can take control of your life and be a non smoker.

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Is Smoking a Crutch for you?

It wasn’t so long ago that people looked on smoking as a socially acceptable behaviour.  Of course these days smokers or often looked down upon and made to feel uncomfortable because they smoke.

People use Smoking as a Crutch

It is becoming more prevalent for people wanting to quit smoking to have emotional issues where the cigarette has been used as a crutch.  So removing that crutch reduces the long term success for the person quitting, no matter what method has been used to quit.

Address Emotional Issues Before Quitting

Addressing emotional issues before quitting is an important first step.  There are a number of ways to address these issues such a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist. These often assist the person to deal with the symptoms resulting from those traumatic events yet not deal with the actual trauma. One really successful therapy to address the trauma is The Richards Trauma Process.  The Richards Trauma Process™ provides a very powerful way of addressing major trauma, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, phobias and panic attacks. It resolves these issues quickly, effectively and very safely.

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