5 Things to Remember When You Stop Smoking

Happy Contented Non Smoker

Being a non smoker provides so much freedom and relief

Congratulations! Quitting smoking is a major achievement that you should be proud of!

Tips to Help Your Body Recover as a Non Smoker

But giving up the tobacco habit is only the first step in the long smoking cessation healing process. Your body will now need to recover from the damages wrought on it by cigarettes. To help you along in the process, to keep you from going back on tobacco, here are 5 things you need to remember to do when you quit smoking:


When you quit smoking you need to drink water. Lots and lots of water! Water helps detox the body by flushing out the toxins and chemicals that have been depositing into your system by cigarettes. It is recommended you drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Your body has a blueprint of where you should be. So once it registers you are a non-smoker it will be removing those toxins and poisons from your body as quickly as it can and this can impact on your kidneys. So avoid kidney pain by drinking water.


Cigarettes contain sugar and lots of it. So once you are a non smoker, you will need to look at how you will replace that sugar. Fruit is a healthy option and you will need something every half hour or less frequently depending on the number of cigarettes you smoked. It is important to eat a variety of different fruits. Fruits contain many of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to replenish after smoking.

Deep Breathing

When people smoke, as a rule they inhale the smoke. This moves the toxins, tar, nicotine and poisons into the outer areas of the lungs. Once they become non smokers, they rarely take those deep breaths.  So it is important to take deep breaths constantly to remove these from the lungs. This is why it is not unusual to see people develop pneumonia once they quit smoking. The best method is the 4, 7, 8 method. So breathe in deeply for 4, hold it for 7 and breathe out slowly for 8. Do this twice at least every hour and more often if you smoked 20/day or more.

Check Your Bank Account

Smoking is not only a dangerous habit, it is an expensive habit. Smoking is a bank breaker for many people. Therefore, if you are struggling with motivation in the first few days after you quit smoking, make a plan to calculate how much money smoking cessation saves you—and maybe plan to use that money for something more healthy, fun or productive as well.

Be Trigger Conscious

In the days after you give up the psychosocial smoking habit, you will need to be very conscious of what triggers you vis-à-vis smoking. What is it that makes your reach for a cigarette? Being aware of your triggers allows you to both avoid and defuse them to stay smoke free.

Quitting smoking is not a one day event, it is a lifelong process. This is why it is important to have a plan of action with regard to stopping smoking. Having a plan will help you stay smoke free for the long haul.

One plan that is worth investigating is quit smoking hypnosis. Quit smoking hypnosis helps you re-program your attitudes and beliefs towards cigarettes so that you are no longer dependent on them for stress relief or any other form of psychological soothing. As a smoking cessation method, quit smoking hypnosis will teach you to transfer your emotional responses onto healthy activities instead. Try it—you will find that it helps you stay off tobacco in order to live a healthier life.

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Does Australia’s Strict Approach to Tobacco Advertising actually Help People Quit Smoking?

Australia is one of the world leaders in the war against tobacco advertising.

Quit Smoking and take control of your life.

Big Tobacco and their convincing advertising.

Power of the Tobacco Industry

The idea has been that to help people quit smoking, the tobacco advertising industry must have its wings clipped. It has been illegal to advertise tobacco products on the radio and television since 1976 and in 1990 it became illegal to promote tobacco in Australian magazines and newspapers. The Tobacco Advertising Prohibition of 1992 now bans most forms of tobacco advertising, and plain packaging cigarettes became law in November 2011. This created a landmark legal challenge lodged by Big Tobacco in which Australia won.

Definite Changes

Australia is indeed a bellwether of global anti-tobacco initiatives, but do these efforts really help its populace quit smoking? According to the New South Wales Cancer Council, Australians have quit smoking in dramatic numbers, particularly Australian men. In 1945, approximately 72% of Australian men were regular smokers and 26% of Australian women smoked. Contrast these numbers with recent Australian statistics: In 2007, 18.6% of Australian men were regular smokers and 14.5% of women were regular smokers. On the surface, and when the entire populace is taken into account, it looks as though clamping down on the tobacco industry’s ability to advertise freely has massive amounts of people to quit smoking, and this is true.  But a deeper look at the statistics reveals a troubling trend: smoking rates in Australia are highest among both the youth and aboriginals.  The highest smoking rates among non-indigenous Australians are men aged 18-24 (34%) and women aged 25-34 (27%). Among the indigenous population, smoking rates are even higher, hovering steadily around 50%. This may be due to their disenfranchisement, but they are subjected to the same lack of tobacco advertising as the non-indigenous population, so something else is at play here because both young non-indigenous and indigenous Australians have not quit smoking—they have continued to inhale.

Disturbing Trends

What do these disturbing trends among Australian youth say about Australia’s strict curbing of tobacco advertising? If the Australian youth, a generation that has grown up under these strict regulations, are the primary smokers in Australia, then something must be amiss. The problem likely lies in the fact that too much emphasis is being placed on Big Tobacco and not enough is placed on the personal responsibility each person has in shaping their own tobacco use habits.  It is very easy to point the finger as long as we don’t have to point the finger at ourselves and today’s youth are accustomed to laying the blame for their behavior on external influences. But external influences do not force the habit of smoking—they merely influence.  If a person wants to quit smoking, they must make it a personal priority. It is an excellent thing that Australia places so much emphasis on taking the legs out from underneath tobacco advertising, but there needs to be more emphasis placed on the role that personal responsibility has in helping people quit smoking. A smoking commercial might show us cigarettes, but we are the ones who hold the lighters.

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