Psychological Effects of Marijuana

If you are a marijuana smoker, quitting smoking is important for your mental health.

How does Marijuan affect you

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Quitting Smoking Marijuana Keeps Your Mental Faculties in Better Shape

When we talk about smoking, particularly cigarettes, we are mainly concerned with identifying the physical hazards. When it comes to smoking marijuana, the psychological hazards often pose a greater risk. Let’s take a brief look at what marijuana is, what it does and how it can affect your mental health in order to underscore the importance of quitting smoking marijuana or as it often referred to as pot.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a plant from the nettle family known as cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. It grows in the wild and is also cultivated by farmers and drug dealers. Marijuana is used for many purposes: to make rope and textiles, medicines, and finally, as a recreational drug. Marijuana can be smoked for recreational purposes in both resin and dried plant forms; marijuana resin is commonly known as hashish.

How does Marijuana Affect Your Mental Health?

Marijuana’s active ingredient is THC and within ten minutes of smoking it, you will begin to feel its effects on your body as it is being absorbed into your blood stream. Theses effects include:

  1. · Euphoria
  2. · Paranoia
  3. · Fear
  4. · Panic
  5. · Increased appetite
  6. · Rapid heart rate
  7. · Slowed reaction time/perception of time

Marijuana is Psychologically Addictive

Like cigarette smoking, it becomes a strong habit that is hard to break. Quitting smoking marijuana is difficult because people become psychologically dependent on the altered state provided by the THC experience. Smoking marijuana can lead to increased anxiety, depression, and inability to function at normal social levels. It affects short-term memory, so it can make your job or studies more difficult. Many people believe that marijuana is not addictive because theories about it being biologically addictive have proven to be inconclusive. However, psychological addiction is often more difficult to break because habits can become deeply ingrained into our brains-we feel as though we cannot live without them.

Quitting Smoking Marijuana

This a good idea because it is a distraction from the reality of life. Altered mental states can become problematic when trying to forge interpersonal relationships or take care of your personal responsibilities. Smoking, whether it is marijuana or cigarettes, is a habit and quitting the smoking habit is something that only you have control over. The substances don’t control you, you control whether or not you are going to use them. Staying mentally fit is an important part of life and if you want to have optimal mental health, then a marijuana-free lifestyle is a good step in the right direction.

Is Smoking Marijuana Controlling Your Life

Many people who smoke marijuana have experienced negative experiences and even trauma in their lives. Smoking marijuana acts as an emotional buffer assisting people to live their lives and function as best they can. Many have sought assistance from various health professionals and while they may have assisted them to cope, they may not have been able to deal with the underlying trauma. The Richards Trauma Process is a comparitively new therapy where these events can be resolved in usually only three sessions.

Are you Uncertain as to Whether This can Help You?

Are you anxious, depressed, traumatised?  Are you seeking a drug-free solution?

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Why is it so Hard to Stop Smoking?

I am sure many smokers have asked themselves or their doctor this question.  People often say they were able to stop Marijuana easily but they cannot stop smoking. Which raises the question, is it really an addiction or a very powerful habit? Most people have managed to stop smoking briefly such as air flights or hospitalisation. So why is it so hard to stop smoking permanently?

Excuses and Reasons for Not Quitting the Smoking Habit

Making excuses and having convincing reasons, normally deter people and stop them from quitting smoking. Stress is the biggest excuse people cite to defend their smoking habit. Stress related to work or stress at home or worrying about kids, is the common reason everyone gives for smoking. Many of them smoke to relax and unwind themselves. Whereas some people just do it for fun and for pleasure. Lack of willpower dissuades them from facing situations and trying to quit the smoking habit once they have developed it.

Quit the Smoking Habit

Most people agree smoking is a very powerful habit. Our unconscious mind is like a sponge taking in information, positive or negative. How often do you hear or see information that says smoking is an addiction, such as media, articles, images or even self talk. This can be so powerful and convincing we start to believe it. When people go cold turkey, this message becomes more convincing as they feel the side effects of stopping.

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Understand that smoking is a habit. Yes that can be challenging however how can a person walk in to do hypnosis to quit smoking and walk out a non smoker? Because it is a habit!

Cigarettes contain sugar and we know that sugar is very addictive.  So be prepared with fruit or some other healthy option to replace the sugar. Water is going to be very important too, as smoking dehydrates the body. As a non smoker your body is going to be craving water, food and sugar.

Eat healthy to Avoid Weight Gain after Quitting Smoking

Weight gain could be an outcome so eat healthy to avoid this. The wonderful part of our body is that the energy kicks in around Day 4. So eating healthy and picking up the exercises will be a huge help to maintaining weight.  The other point to mention is once you become a non smoker you will be very hungry so be prepared with healthy food. Of course there are many other tips that will help. So do check out the other articles on this site.

If you are a smoker and want to stop, then contact Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton on 1300 619 684 or check out this website for more valuable information.  Maureen has helped over a thousand people to stop smoking in only one session.  She also offers a Lifetime Guarantee so if you start smoking again you come back without any cost to you – it is a win win situation.

Quit Smoking is Easy

Quitting smoking can be one of the biggest challenges smokers face. Most smokers don’t want to smoke but feel totally controlled by the cigarette. For example how often

5 Ways to Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

have smokers said they had decided to cut down thinking they would not smoke when they get up in the morning? Then in the morning they reach for the cigarette and before they realise what has happened, the cigarette is alight and in their hand.

People who have been on marijuana often comment that quitting smoking is harder than quitting pot or marijuana.

Why is it so Hard to Quit Smoking?

While it is commonly stated that smoking is an addiction, it is also a very powerful habit. Our habits are stored in our unconscious mind and each time a cigarette is smoked, that habit is reinforced. The unconscious mind is there to protect us emotionally as well as physically. When a cigarette is smoked it is doing its job, keeping the person happy.

Many years ago the cigarette habit was created. This often involved some initial discomfort such as coughing and spluttering, then with perseverance the habit was formed. In fact it wasn’t too long before the decision was made that smoking was enjoyable and even relaxing. So one cigarette lead to another one and then to many. It is not too long until the average number of cigarettes became around 15-20 a day.

Since the habit is held in the unconscious mind, this would indicate that the habit needs to be changed at the unconscious level. We have a barrier that separates the conscious from the unconscious mind which is important. Otherwise we would have to remember when to breathe and do those other functions in the body that are done at the unconscious level.

Hypnosis Can Help Change Habits

Since it is difficult to get through the barrier or Critical Faculty to the unconscious mind and tell it to let go of the habit, this is where hypnosis comes in. In that relaxed state of hypnosis, the hypnotherapist is able to bypass the Critical Faculty, speak to the unconscious mind, letting it know it is time to quit smoking. This is why it is so easy to quit smoking in just one easy session of hypnosis.

Do you Want to Quit Smoking?

Having the WANT to quit smoking is the most important part of this process.

It is a wonderful feeling being a non smoker and so the question is – are you ready to quit smoking? If the answer is yes then waste no time. Call Maureen Hamilton today on 1300 619 684 and take that initial step to become a non smoker for life. Alternatively you can book online at Life Coach to Quit Smoking. Maureen has been assisting smokers for many years and still gives a Lifetime Guarantee. That means if you ever start smoking again then give Maureen a call and come back in and there will be no charge.

Go ahead and call Maureen on 1300 619 684 or Book online.