The Cost

How much is the investment in yourself to quit cigarettes for good? 

First, how much do you smoke?

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  • Australian smokers statistically spend between $5,000 and $8,000 or more per year on cigarettes (and that’s conservative, not taking into consideration the extra costs related to illness). If you doubt me, just take a look at these figures based on the average cost of a packet of cigarettes being $12 for a pack of 20:

A recent university study found the average life expectancy for non smokers is increased by an additional 13.2 years for females and 14.5 years extra for males

  • 90% of lung cancer occurs in people who have smoked.

The session is only $495 – and it is guaranteed to work for life. This is even better than a money back guarantee, because you want to quit cigarettes, not get your money back.  On average people will be putting this money back into their pocket in a matter of days or weeks (of course this will depend on the number of cigarettes a day you smoke).

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Now, how much is a year of your life worth?

The average smokers life is 14 years shorter than a non smoker.
So by quitting you are literally adding 14 years onto your life.
So if you make $20,000 a year, then certainly a year must be worth at least $20,000 – But we all know, you cannot even really put a price on a year of life. So that is $228,000 you are earning.

So why don’t you take the money you would have burned up in smoke on cigarettes and invest it in becoming a non-smoker for life?

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Customer Testimonials

Hi Maureen. Just a quick note to say thank you. I have not had even a puff of cigarette since our session on 10 May 14. Any desire or thought flits straight out again. This is certainly a much less painful way to stop smoking. I recommend you to anyone who is interested, even had someone ask about weight loss. Hope all is well for you.  Regards
Gail Wilshire