WANT to Quit Smoking

Quitting can be a challenge however when it comes to a couple it can be even more challenging. There may be a greater WANT for one and not so great for another. Even after they have quit, one may put pressure on the other, either good or not so good.

Can people be forced to Quit Smoking?

Conflict in Relationships

Do you have a partner who smokes?

Alexis decided he wanted to quit smoking as his partner had such great success when she stopped smoking after her quit session. However after several months she had started again. So I asked him if he felt she really did want to quit. His reply was “Definitely as I was going to kick her out if she didn’t stop smoking.” When asked why she should stop smoking when he was still smoking. He said because her family had a history of lung cancer and emphysema and he wanted her to live a long life with him and the kids.

Note: Sometimes there can be a history of these illnesses due to smoking however that doesn’t mean it won’t affect people who don’t have a similar history. Some people feel they are invincible and this could never happen to them. Sadly this isn’t the truth as very young people are now dying from smoking related illnesses.

Why is it important to have the Want?

Why am I bringing this up here? Well it is really important that you want to quit and not be doing it for someone else. Hypnosis is not a magic bullet that changes a mind that doesn’t want to be changed. Hypnosis is possibly the most successful method for quitting cigarettes. People cannot be made to do something that goes against their will. That is why during hypnosis a person can stop the hypnosis at any time as they are in complete and full control of their senses.

How did it end?

So the good news is that Alexis was a non smoker at the end of his session. He also received a good pep talk that it has to be his partners choice if she wants to stop smoking, not his. I also suggested that when she is ready she will be very welcome to return for a follow up session. One of the many benefits people get from coming to Life Coach to Quit Smoking is that they have that Lifetime Guarantee.  So if they ever start smoking again then they can come back for their free session.