Weight Loss Hypnosis

Using a multi-pronged approach to weight loss is the feature of the success of Weight Loss Hypnosis Brisbane.

Why is Weight Loss Hypnosis so successful?

Hypnosis at Master Your Life Power is very successful as hypnosis is not the only therapy Maureen uses to help people take control of their weight. A multi approach is used including the following:-

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP

NLP is used to remove the cravings and desire for those unhealthy foods and drinks. People are often amazed at how effective this is. Rarely does this need to be done a second time as people just don’t feel like eating or drinking the food again.

Education and Awareness

Being well informed is important too so people have a clear understanding of the foods that will benefit them and those that are going to hold them back. A booklet is provided to aid them too.

An app that helps to guide people so they can keep an eye on the food they are eating and appreciate the foods that are doing them harm or holding them back.

Weight Loss Brisbane is very popular due to the incredible success being achieved by people eager to lose those extra kilos.

The life experience and knowledge

The therapist, Maureen Hamilton has extensive knowledge and experience in the health sector. Maureen has helped hundreds of people take control of their weight and their eating. In fact Maureen went through this process herself and has been in control of her weight for over 5 years. The emphasis is not on a diet but a lifestyle change.

Are you seeking help with your weight? 

Weight Loss Hypnosis is a very successful option especially when it is provided by a qualilfied and experienced therapist. Maureen Hamilton is at the top of the table when it comes to assisting people to lose weight and keep it off.

You can contact Maureen on 1300 619 684 or book online and begin your journey to lose weight and keep it off.

Customer Testimonials

Hi Maureen, You worked your wonders on me on the 16th of January 2013 for smoking and guess what? I haven’t had a smoke or even felt like one! It is truly amazing after smoking for over 30 years I am no longer a slave to the smokes. I feel better (although I was a bit grumpy for a week or so) but that has passed, I can breathe better and my cough has gone. But food tastes so much better so I am trying to watch what I eat. I do get a craving every now and then and it goes as quick as it come…
Giovanni (John) Castellana