Smoking and Pregnant

Impact of smoking on kids

Quit smoking before it harms your kids!

Smoking used to be cool, the coolest thing you could do. Just watch an episode of Mad Men or turn on a Humphrey Bogart flick for proof—tobacco used to be the King of suave. These days cigarettes have lost their glitz and glamour. In most Western countries, smoking is frowned upon and is quickly losing is social acceptability.

How Does Smoking Affect the Unborn Baby

Just because something is stigmatized does not make it an anti-social behavior. Many smokers would still claim that smoking is an act of community during which people can socialize and make and maintain friendships. However, recent research has linked prenatal smoking to anti-social behavior in children. If this is true, it has wide-ranging consequences for our society since many pregnant women are exposed to cigarette smoke on a daily basis even if they have made the conscious decision not to smoke themselves.

Potential Issues Due to Smoking While Pregnant

According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, a “small but significant” link exists between maternal smokers and the development of ADHD and unruly behavior in their progeny. They speculate that this has to do with the reduction of oxygen to the fetus when mother’s smoke during pregnancy, which can damage brain development as well as other parts of the body. While this claim is still quite controversial (as many psychiatrists see ADHD and unruly behavior as phenomena engendered by socialization), it is still worth pondering. How many children and the lives of those around them, are negatively impacted by the fact that they were exposed to the over 4000 toxins present in cigarette smoke? We know how fragile fetal development is and we know what cigarettes do to adult bodies. So it isn’t that far of a stretch to see the link between maternal smoking and the development of anti-social behavior in children.

What Can You do for Your Unborn Child

If you are a smoker and are considering having children or are around pregnant women, then you should seriously consider the implications of your habit relative to the healthy development of the baby growing inside you or growing inside the women around you. Children are born into this world innocent and dependent and rely on the judgment of their parents for their health, development and safety. Children are a great incentive for you to find the will power to break the chains of your tobacco habit. There are many smoking cessation methods that can help you put out your last cigarette. One method worth looking into is hypnotherapy or hypnosis to quit smoking as it helps you change your beliefs and restructure your habits—it is never too late to create a new you!

Unfortunately when quitting smoking it is important to be focused on being a non smoker. So preparation is extremely important. Going cold turkey is painful and there is an emotional struggle. That’s because smoking is a habit and you are trying a break a habit built up over years and years. The unconscious mind is there to protect you emotionally as well as physically. So that habit is keeping you happy. So changing that habit is going against your unconscious mind making quitting very difficult. This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is an easy pleasant way to become a non smoker in just one session.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me

If you are seeking help or experiencing the frustration of being a smoker, then reach out and make contact. The Hypnotherapist Maureen Hamilton says her greatest love is to see just one more person being taken from the crutches of the cigarette companies and being free of this killing habit. You are also given a Lifetime Guarantee. This means if you ever smoke again, you can come back for another session and there is no charge to you. Maureen can be contacted on 1300 619 684 or alternatively you can make your booking online and set your date to become a non smoker for life and in only one easy session.