Steps to Become a Non Smoker

So you have made that initial step to find out more about the Quit Smoking Hypnosis.  Well done! Information is power so once you have done your research then you will have a clearer mind as to how and why hypnosis works so well.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis Information

Congratulations on wanting to stop smoking!  To let you know what is involved with the quit smoking, I am going to go through some information including the location and price.

Information is essential so here is a link to 2 audios. The first one provides information about the process while the second one is a Stress Reduction and Relaxation Hypnosis allowing you to experience hypnosis. – We do ask  people to listen to both of these two audio recordings before they come in for their session. It means they will be well prepared for their session.

How long does Hypnosis take to Quit Smoking

I ask people to allow 2 hours for their session. While the hypnosis takes less than an hour, you will be provided with a per-session information and education session to assist you as you move forward as a non smoker. You will also be provided with forms to fill in . You will need to go through and fill in your forms as I modify the script to meet your needs.  Everyone has different reasons why they want to quit cigarettes, different triggers etc. Also many people who smoke have been smoking for many years and while you will be a non smoker at the end of the session (providing you do want to stop smoking) we need to work on strategies so you can maintain this status of non smoker long term.

Cigarettes contain between 8-20% sugar. So I encourage you to look at fruit to replace this sugar for 4-5 days as a non smoker and especially for you to eat on your way home.

Where are you located?

The practice is Master Your Life Power 91 Kyeema Cres Bald Hills

The cost is $495. I have an eftpos facility for MasterCard and Visa. The benefit is that providing you want to stop smoking then you will be a non smoker at the end of your session with a lifetime guarantee (and yes it is only one session).  That means if you ever relapse back into being a smoker, you will be able to come back with no cost to you.  This is a hugely successful process and I would love to help you.

For more information go to And check out the Testimonials

So when you are ready you can call Nicole (my secretary) on 3882 5506 to have a talk and/or to make an appointment.  Alternatively you can also make an appointment online.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you to become a non smoker.